February 8, 2010
today i like..
clearing out cupboards.
finding a home for some lost-in-the-corner kitchen things.
including a mini food processor which i didn't realize i had until we moved. yay!
doughnuts. mm. mom, we should really try this when i come to visit.
planning this week's menu, without anything requiring an oven. (oven is temporarily out of order.)
the bright sunshine and blue skies.
being at my nephew's 2nd birthday party. eating cupcakes and hearing him sing.
having one day set aside to do the laundry. with only two of us, it works.
monday = wash day. this makes me feel like i live in one of the little house books.
hatching valentine plans.
two new glass loaf pans, when last week i had zero.
what i'm making for dinner. i'll give you a hint.. i hope it's going to taste like panera.
this fantastic little blog i found a bit ago.
putting jars on my table to copy that fantastic blog.
and finally.. chocolate and raspberry. seriously.


haley said...

what's wrong with your oven??

sheena said...

summer you are too sweet!

Christina said...

I <3 my mini food processor. : )
Today I like (among other things) your list.

Jayme Lynn said...

I don't know how else to say this.

But I want to be you. I really do. You're amazing.

swell.life said...

mmm...sounds like spring cleaning. i have a crush on your food processor...and your 1 day/week laundry regimin. i feel like it never ends at my house. ever. and there are only 3. happy birthday to your lil nephew. mine turns 2 next week also! am sad to miss his party. :(



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