February 5, 2010
seems like the preschoolers' mission this week was to make me smile. for example..
1. 'miss summer, i really like your earrings today.' (this boy is a charmer.)
2. 'i love you ten times a day!' (whatever that means, i like it.)
3. 'you have a flat tummy!' (she had no idea how much this meant to me.)
working with four-year-olds is a very feel-good job. i am loving it.


ChelseaF said...

How precious! My new favorite is when I got Addy up from bed (first thing in the morning, still in my PJs, etc.) she said, "Oh momma, you look so cute!" Preschoolers rock my world! :)

Audra said...

1) "Miss Audra, I love you more than when Jesus grows up." - I don't know what that means, but I like it :)
2) Did Brayden say #1?

natalie said...

hahahhhaha, how sweet. Kids say the sweetest things. I love it!

Katherine said...

It is a fun job mostly (although I'm not legally allowed to blog about my daycare work, unfortunately.) I only wish their little undeveloped immune systems weren't so intent upon disrupting mine!

Eeny said...

Oh yes, preschoolers are the cutest. They can make your day with just a single word.

notebook doodles said...

aaaaw :p i bet you smile every time they say something like that. what a nice way to spend the day!

kerri lynne said...

i can relate! i'm a nanny & last week when my little kindergartner jumped off the bus he yelled, "hey sweet thing! don'tya know you're my sweet thing? let's hold hands!" so cute.



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