February 4, 2010
dear internet*,
i am very much disappointed to find you lacking in the lemon poppyseed bread dept. where are all the yummy recipes with sour cream and fresh zest? i spent half a saturday searching you, to no avail. i don't want muffins. and i don't want to use a cake mix or pudding mix. you've got to get with the times. it's lemon season! and people want homemade. this simply won't do. no, it will not do at all. signed, summer
so i'm taking it upon myself to create|adapt a killer recipe for lemon poppyseed bread. test no.01 turned out great, but most of the lemon flavor came from the glaze instead of the bread, so i still have some tweaking to do. (can you tell that julia has inspired me?) i'll be sure to share the recipe if and when i nail it. i'm determined. you should hear me talk about it with grant like it's my special mission.
on a different note, i made this loaf (the yield from test no.01) for grant to bring to class, as he was signed up for 'snack duty' that day. for some reason i hadn't picture grad school being so much like.. preschool. but i'm happy about it. not only do i think it's cuter than cute, it's more justification of dessert-making for the girl who loves to bake and can't finish a whole batch of anything by herself. wait, that's not right. i could eat it all myself. therein lies the problem. i need baking outlets like bringing treats to sunday school or taking dessert to family sunday dinner or packing snacks for grant's class. this way my baking urge is satisfied and i'm left with just a sampler for myself. this being the case, let the snack duties roll in. i'm your girl.
*and yes, i thought of conan as i typed these words (although my tone wasn't quite as fierce.) i could watch this a million times. hilarious. haley.. i know you are laughing after watching that.


Hillary said...

smitten kitchen has a recipe for lemon poppy seed cake. you could try hers if you're looking for a recipe!

natalie said...

that bread looks delicious. please let us know when you've nailed it!

Eeny said...

Really looks delicious.
I just baked a Lemom Poppy Seed Cake last week. And I used this recipe: http://thechicline.blogspot.com/2010/01/lemon-poppyseed-pound-cake.html
Turned out great.

S and O said...

Yeah!! if the internet doesn't have it do it yourself, inspiring :D
I too get terribly annoyed with the internet promptly tosses a box cake recipe at me. If I wanted a simple box cake I would've just gone to the store and picked one up, I want to know how to make the damn thing.
here is a good recipe site, hope you find what your looking for :D


haley said...

you're SO right. :-)
ps: are you watching the bachelor? if you are, i have a blog you HAVE to read.

holly-lynn said...

i would love to have a person assigned to snack for my grad classes, the vending machine does not cut it! maybe i'll have to bring in a snack & start a trend.

marta said...

i stood in front of the lemons and limes bin for an extended point of time today. i thought of you, of course and mentally thanked you for reminding me, they are indeed in season and smelling amazing.

keep the recipes coming, miss.



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