February 23, 2010
ta-da! the fruit of my snowday. ever since it's trip to the oven, this bread has been on my mind or in my mouth. so good. and to say nothing of its heady scent would be a crime. seriously. i went to the gym about 4 hours after it baked and when i came back through the door, the house still smelled shockingly (gloriously) bready. mmm.
i used sheena's awesome recipe. you're going to love it. that light note of honey is killer. thank you sheena, for finding me a new favorite. now that i'm in a two pieces of toast for breakfast phase, i've been looking for a way to get past buying loaves from the store left and right. so this might become a weekly ritual for me. woohoo. (and for the weeks when i don't crank out homemade, i've found nature's pride to be top-notch.)
ps. you should see the rest of sheena's recipes.. man oh man. those raspberry sandwich cookies.


marta said...

oh my, that bread looks amazing. nice work summer! i've never attempted the whole wheat recipes and would love to know, are you grinding your own wheat? looks incredibly delisch. something is always cookin' in your kitch.

p.s. your 'i endorse' label is a favorite of mine.

sheena said...

oh you are so nice!! we eat a lot of bread around here since I started making it--it's not as hard as I always thought is was!

thank you for "endorsing" me:)

Renee said...

i think i might try thisone! it looks so yummy! and yes..i will "cheat" and use my breadmaker...that hasn't been used for EVER...but since she uses one...i will too!!

Misplaced Country Girl said...

I have found your blog at the completely wrong time! I'm trying to lose the extra pounds that this unforgiving winter has caused me to gain. I want to try every single recipe that you have posted! Everything looks so yummy.

kristin said...

so you have a bread machine? bummer about the recipes that you need one of those for. i don't have one! looks delicious, though



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