February 26, 2010
what i've been up to lately.
1. thinking. lots of thinking. and pondering about priorities.
2. appreciating my husband.
3. praying for best friends and their grieving family.
4. squeezing in visits to the gym, despite the cold spell that makes me want to stay inside forever.
5. (grant says my running shorts & boots look is cute. he's nice.)
6. participating in the prep for this super duper workshop. launch is on monday.
7. hunting for pretty vintage dishes.
8. eating d'anjou pears. they've been so soft and sweet this winter.
9. enjoying my kitchen. (and the new dimming light derrick put in for me. thanks, d!)
10. dreaming about playing the piano again.
11. using pride & prejudice as a soundtrack for my housekeeping.
12. agreeing with charlotte when she tells lizzy, 'it is such a pleasure to run my own home.'
13. experimenting with whole wheat flour and flaxseed.
14. researching homemade blueberry syrup.
15. loving my li'l kids at preschool.
16. they are getting to be so polite, it just makes my heart ache.
17. wishing the days were a few hours longer.
18. hearing rumors of more, more, and more snow in march.
19. being content with a heated house.
20. being happy with a husband who always, always sits next to me for warmth.
back to my sink of dishes and classical music.
ps. yesterday, at school, during bible time.
question: what was one of Jesus' miracles? response: 'umm... nail polish?'


Eeny said...

I am dreaming about playing the piano, too. Not "again" but start to learn. =) I really love the sound of it and I am listen to piano tunes a lot lately.

By the way, I love the picture of the pears.

Have a wonderful weekend.

holly-lynn said...

pretty smart answer if you ask me. i mean really, who would have thought painting your nails would bring so much enjoyment & beauty?

Renee said...

i checked out the "workshop" for next week! I will be tuning in each day to hear what she has to say...and hopefully get inspired for my own spring cleaning!

Maryclayre said...

Summer, I love your lists! I too, am experimenting with whole wheat and flax seed. I would love to know what you come up with!

Christina said...

Ahhhh! I LOVE the pears on the cake stand. I will do that with my domed cake plate next time we get pears (which will probably be soon since Little Man loves "juicy pears." I've just started working on the piano again. Bach is SO good I don't want to stop.

swell.life said...

the nail polish line is seriously making my day. just painted mine and though it might not be miraculous, it still makes me feel pretty good. :)

mmmm..need to be brave and try my hand at bread baking. yours looks divine.



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