February 22, 2010
the weekend went too, too fast.
since friday, my sister and future-brother-in-law have come and gone.
but before they left, we did a few things..
1. we reminisced about high school at a high school basketball game
2. we reminisced about the shoes that were cool in high school
3. we discussed the hopelessly confusing show that is lost
4. haley and i split a slice of carrot cake straight out of its take-home box
5. and as you can see, we left a slab of cream cheese frosting uneaten. signature move.
6. i had a curling iron lesson. every girl should have one.
7. i've always been butterfingers when it comes to the curling iron.. until now. thanks, hales!
8. grant and derrick re-built our table (more on this soon)
9. we all went thrifting and found a couple of fabulous things, like a dresser (yay!)
10. haley and i bought matching 1/2 pint milk bottles
11. grant bought vintage walkie talkies, complete with 4-foot scope antennas
12. the boys ran to the store for batteries and bananas while the girls made lunch
13. haley and i flipped through magazines, wedding notes, and blogs
14. we fell asleep (or at least haley did) on the couch while watching the african queen
15. we drank root beer and caught some olympics
16. i got to sit next to my sister at church and hear her sing, just like how we grew up
17. and we played a serious game of acquire.. the best board game ever.
18. thanks for a great weekend, haley and derrick. miss you already. come back soon!


Maryclayre said...

That does sound like a lovely weekend! I am so glad you got to spend the weekend with family! Nothing beats that!

haley said...

thank YOU for having us! love you and miss you!!

marta said...

ooh, you are one lucky girl. hostessing the twin and fiance?! isn't it so great to play a real version of 'house' with those you grew up with?! am sure your home was a welcome one.

p.s. thanks for the good board game review. am putting it on my check it out list.

marta said...

p.p.s. i need a curling iron tutorial myself. tutorial please.

Christina said...

Sounds like tons of fun! (man, you've made me jealous...I wish I had a sister!)

Hannah said...

sounds lovely! carrot cake sounds delish.

i too am very interested in the curling iron tutorial.

swell.life said...

this is the sweetest list. sounds like you had a wonderful time and played the perfect hostess. amen to falling asleep during the african queen. i remember that was a 'must see' when we would visit my grandparents for the weekend. ;) can't wait to see the table!

NATALIE said...

oh, summer, what an awesome weekend. so happy you had an good time. thanks for the great post!

Kelli said...

How fun, I can see why you miss them already! Lost is very confusing I must agree and I'm hoping to get more answers tonight.



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