April 2, 2010
i am getting to see a new side of grant these days. now that we have a house, grant has a yard.
and he's taken to his lawn duties like me to my baking. he's home from school, then he's out the door- checking on his grass, raking, spreading fertilizer. it's fun to see him owning this and loving it. buying his first bag of turf builder was, according to him, something he's always wanted to do. (how cool is that?)
the snow was barely gone before he was outside, going at it with gusto. i love seeing it. he's such a man. yesterday, we picked up his brand new lawn mower. woohoo.
something i've been appreciating lately: i am married to a whistle while you work kind of guy. he's such a cheerful worker, whether the job is raking grass or drying dishes. he's a true pleasure to be around, and a tremendous example to me. and despite what you see in this photo (a snow-heavy spot by the curb), all those years of his maintaining the lawns of camp shetek have really paid off. our yard is looking fresher and greener everyday!


Mom Judy said...

Nice looking yard man!

Amanda said...

Nothing like seeing a man taking pride in his work...nice job, grant!

Renee said...

this summer he'll have two sites as a "maintenance man"... and I'm sure they'll both look great! congrats on the new mower!

Hannah said...

How nice to have a hard-working husband. Congrats on having a yard. It's one of the best things about home-ownership! :)

swell.life said...

wow. what a stud!

Katherine said...

Could your husband just possibly do a guest post on how to make a lumpy, patchy yard smooth and green and lovely? You know, without buying one of those big roller things. Pretty, pretty please?



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