April 1, 2010
new things. old things.
1. basil seeds in a box of triscuits?! cool. gardening & farming must truly be in now. call me a trendoid (just found this word. it's for real!), but i'm totally sucked in. all of you who have gardens and know how to work them: i'm jealous. do check out their slick site. i like the charming little crop guide.
2. grant and i spent a good chunk of our night watching justin bieber videos on youtube, trying to find the ones that got him 'discovered.' and now we're completely hooked on his new song. it's climbing the charts.. better go have a listen.
3. so, hulu dumped arrested development. or at least parts of it. did you notice? we did. but starting today.. it's streaming to you via netflix. yes. time to watch the bluth story all over again.
4. my camera. you guys have been asking about it! i shoot with a canon rebel xsi, and although it's not new (i got it in the fall of '08) i am trying some new things with it lately. thank you for noticing and all the kind words! you're awfully sweet.


Renee said...

we were just wondering if you and Grant were going to start a garden!! are you planning one yet? or just dreaming still? I know you both would be great gardeners!
on the subject of Netflix.....we just ordered a Wii disc from them, that lets you pick from a ton of movies,and download them right to your tv! sweet! we have watched so many already!

swell.life said...

go go with your garden. more power to you. wish i had a backyard.

they can't take away arrested development. it's the only thing i watch on hulu! (besides the office if i miss out on thursday night.) we had to cancel our netflix. just wasn't worth the $10 a month when we were too busy for movies!

yay for you and your new camera tricks. i'm trying to push myself to use manual mode more and so far have made more mistakes than pieces of art...

kristin said...

trendoid. that's going to now be in my vocabulary. and i was noticing the photos stepping it up lately!! marvelous.

Christina said...

trendoid. <3 love it.

Looking forward to hearing about your gardening adventures.

I just got a Canon Rebel SX last week, so that means we almost the same camera... : )

Hannah said...

Thanks for mentioning what camera you use - I've been wondering for a while what lens you use as that makes all the difference to the perspective on shots - Is it a macro lens?

nataliep. said...

yeah gardening! tom and i have been gardening for the last 3 years (although we're both very inexperienced!).this year we're going to attempt watermelon again, didn't work so well last year. i can't wait to get my flowers started. i just love the beauty of a bright flower and am excited to see them sitting on my deck! happy gardening!

John and Teresa said...

i am just waiting for my camera to die so i can get a canon rebel! i have my eye on the t2i but man are they pricey.

Tawnya said...

So excited that you will be gardening! May I recommend a book? Burpee : The Complete Vegetable & Herb Gardener : A Guide to Growing Your Garden Organically - We LOVE it and it has become our primary source for gardening help from seed starting to harvest!



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