April 5, 2010
i decided to hop on the bandwagon and make one of these skirts for easter sunday. thank you, susan! i've been staring at that tutorial for a week and a half, dreaming of sewing my own pockets. and my dream came true! ps. i'm wild about this print. it feels vintagey fun.
verdict: i love it. the pattern, the comfy-ness, and most of all, the pockets. it was really fun to make too, once i got the step-by-step laid out clearly in my head and on my floor (which took awhile). but now that i've got the hang of it + a handy cardboard cut-out to serve as my 'pattern', i'm ready to bust out another one.
if you guys decide to try out the tutorial too, here are my beginner suggestions..
1. do all of your measuring and cutting first (and maybe the pinning also), then come back later to do the sewing. planning for two sittings made it a lot more do-able for a slow poke like me.
2. do the hem for the bottom of the skirt very last. once i had the elastic done, i tried mine on to see where it hit on my leg, then decided how short to go.
3. also, i cut my two main fabric pieces at a slightly 'A' shaped angle, so it wouldn't get too fabric-heavy up by my waist.
4. when i printed out the pockets from the tutorial, i scaled them down to 80% of the original size.
and here i am! still on a 'sewing high.' it's so enormously exciting to make something you can wear: to church, to preschool, to camp, to the library.. with a t-shirt, with a cardigan, with heels, with flip-flops. so many possibilities. and to hear your husband say that it looks hot. that's worth it all and best of all.
so did i take enough photos this time?
hey grant, thanks for letting me borrow the belt.
and lastly, my legs are not airbrushed. i'm wearing hose.


swell.life said...

oh goodness. you look so so darling. the skirt is perfect. think i might just hop right on the bandwagon. you totally sold me on the pocket feature. ;)

btw, great legs.

nataliep. said...

such a cute skirt. what an awesome accomplishment to have made your own clothes!! congrats, summer. keep up the good work!

ashley maureen said...

summer, this looks fantastic! i'm so impressed and completely inspired to try my own. i am a beginner in every sense of the word, so your tips are most appreciated. i can't wait to see what else you come up with, and i'll be sure to post about mine when i get there!

Christina said...

hehe, yes indeed. Thank you for the photos.

It's adorable! The print is cute, and the style is just right. You did a nice job.

Hannah said...

Completely adorable! You look fantastic.

And you are new to sewing??

marta said...

darling print. darling skirt. darling girl. can we talk about how cute the whole easter outfit is!? so hip and easy breezy. love the belt too. way to go. let me know when you open shop and sell to the masses.

Rachel said...

So sweet!

I have the fabric for my elastic waist skirt set aside already - just keep telling myself I need to make the time to sit down and do it.

Susan said...

so adorable, i too love that fabric. is it vintage?

Simply Live said...

Sew cute! :) That's it. I am buying fabric and attempting to whip up one of my own! Your right, this pattern has been EVERYWHERE. I can't resist the temptation any more.

marta said...

p.s. i need that cardigan. it would go perf with a skirt i never know what to wear with. may i ask where you got it?

Eeny said...

Looks adorable on you, Summer.

Renee said...

makes me want to get my old machine out, tuned up and start sewing
again! these skirts are perfect for summer trips to the grocery store, a movie, or even church! can you tell me again, where you found the pattern?

Mrs. Biscuit said...

super cute! (and cute cardigan too!) How did you learn to sew at all? I've never even touched a sewing machine! I'm so jealous......

ChelseaF said...

Excellent job! Would never guess it was "homemade", you did such a great job...I wish I could look as cute as you in skirts like that, then maybe I would make one. :)

Miranda said...

that skirt is too cute. i've been plotting for weeks about making one myself...maybe you'll finally motivate me to get started.

Kelly said...

Okay, you sold me. I bought fabric today and am going to give it a go. Did you use twice as much fabric as elastic like Susan did? Her skirt looks puffier, yours looks more streamlined.

ampersandity said...

you're awesome, you did it! love the whole ensemble -- you did such a professional job!

Jules said...

Oh, you did such a great job! I can tackle anything in the kitchen, but my sewing machine makes me very nervous. I think cutting into cute fabric gives me the vapors.

squirrelbread said...

adorable. i think i should try making one of these for my wedding reception. would be a perfect switch after the dress. although the operative word there is 'try.' we'll see!

cheers and thanks for the idea,




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