April 6, 2010
..and i made these hairpins to go with my easter outfit. because i fell in love with my fabric and because winter-blonde hair sometimes needs spicing up. they're so super easy! want to know how? sorry, no photos for my mini tutorial, it was a spontaneous moment of craftiness.
1. cut a piece of fabric about 8 in. long x 1 in wide.
2. fold in half lengthwise and press to get a crisp edge.
3. cut a small circle of same fabric (about the size of a nickel) for a backing.
4. twist folded fabric between your fingers as you wind it into a circle. keep twisting. and winding.
5. once it is all wound up, glue onto backing. add glue where necessary to keep things in place.
6. glue onto a bobbypin. stick it in and feel good about your awkward-length hair.
so about this skirt thing.
you guys made my day! an endless supply of encouragement comes streaming through here, and i thank you for it. i just never would've thought.. me, sewing. but having this space, you guys, and all manner of connections in blogland, (plus a husband who think it's cool) has sparked something in me. sewing is now exciting. thank you for this.
and about my cardigan.
which i am devoted to. the 3/4 sleeve is my boon companion. (truly, it never seems warm enough to wear a tanktop to any place with air conditioning, no matter what time of year.) i found it a couple years ago at, of course, target. but knowing the champ of a store target is, i bet you can find something similar there now. they always seem to be well-stocked in wardrobe staples.


Eeny said...

Very pretty hair pin.
Great idea, Summer.

Miranda said...

those flowers are hurting my heart with their adorableness.

nataliep. said...

very cute. way to be creative, summer! i still can't get over that cute outfit of yours. congrats again!



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