May 9, 2010
40 things mom told me.
1. Jesus loves me, and He died for my sins.
2. if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
3. when it comes to hair, you can never have too much volume.
4. blow dry upside down.
5. chew with your mouth closed. (i must've heard 'don't chomp' ten thousand times.)
6. wear a solid shirt on picture day.
7. don't expect anything, and then you'll always be pleasantly surprised.
8. wait 20 minutes before you decide to eat more dessert.
9. being a wife and a mom is a very high (and wonderful) calling.
10. spend time with your sisters, or else someday you'll have regrets.
11. black is slimming. and always classy.
12. fold towels in thirds.
13. dating is for finding your husband.
14. make sure the mirrors are clean. sometimes water works best on streaks.
15. your beauty should be on the inside, 'the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit.'
16. remember to say please and thank you.
17. pray first. then decide.
18. act like a lady.
19. think of others before yourself.
20. read this book.
21. someday you'll want to practice the piano.
22. respect your authorities.
23. homemaking is the job that shapes the next generation.
24. the first 20 minutes of a run are the toughest.
25. never say 'i don't like..' always say 'i don't care for any.'
26. be modest.
27. moodiness isn't necessary.
28. peanut butter toast is always good.
29. 'don't worry about tomorrow.. each day has enough trouble of its own'
30. choose your friends wisely.
31. don't ask for things while we're grocery shopping.
32. do it, and do it with a happy heart.
33. God is in control. trust in Him.
35. dust a room from the top, down.
36. i before e, except after c. and always sound it out.
37. love your husband. put him first. be his helper.
38. rice krispie treats are awesome.
39. you can't be perfect the first time you try.
40. love being a girl.
i'm so glad she told me.
well mom, this is your stretch of days. mother's day-anniversary-birthday all wrapped up in a neat little week in may. i hope this post will make you smile. i love you so much. i've learned so much. thank you for giving of yourself everyday, every time.
happy mother's day!
love, summer


Renee said...

i love this summer!! thank you so much for writing such a gracious post! i wish i could take even one breath of your praises...but all the glory belongs to the Lord. I am only His vessel to be used in my 3 wonderful daughters lives to bring Him glory...and you all are doing that daily! what more can a mother ask for?!!... only that He bless you with children, and that you may have all the joy in raising them that I have had in raising you!

Renee said...

p.s. ummm...about that picture??!! didn't have a more recent one??!!
*did you notice you had been crying? (there is still a tear on your cheek!)
*haley was eating something!
*i made the outfit i was wearing!
*never let me have a mullet again!

Mom Judy said...

Summer, I love your post about your mom. It is so sweet. I can vouch for what a great job she did in preparing you for womanhood. I am proud and privileged in having you for a daughter-in-law.

Elisabeth said...

What a wonderful list of things to be taught!

nataliep. said...

what a wise mother you have!

Anonymous said...

this is a super super sweet reflection on your mom!! love all the tidbits of advice she gave you over the years -- she IS a wise woman.

ps. stepping heavenward is one of my all-time favorite books in the world, ever. i also love e.prentiss' other book: aunt jane's hero!

Jayme Lynn said...

great mom! great post!

ChelseaF said...

*Happy Tears*

connie said...

I might have to veto #3. I have WAY too much volume for an asian girl.



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