May 25, 2010
yesterday i grabbed a pencil + paper, and in that space of spiral notebook i wrote a new schedule, a list of goals, and generally filled myself up with good intentions. ever since 6th grade, this is how summer vacation has started. i love it. i love that i'm still wired to do it. it's a great feeling to have openness ahead of you. makes me want to wake up early and make my bed.
anyway. in the news around here..
1. i finally dipped into martha's sewing encyclopedia, which feels like a candy store in my lap. it's just too pretty. now i want to make stuffed bunnies and embroider all my napkins. (i got this from the library and am overjoyed that the cd with all the patterns is still included!)
2. we are excited that our tv shows are ending this week.. it was fun while it lasted, but we're ready to reclaim our evenings. goodbye forever, jack bauer.
3. wearing skirts and t-shirts is so fun. i love summer weather.
4. we slept with all the windows open last night. wow. breeze has never felt so nice. we haven't turned the air on yet.. we're playing the how long can we go? game.
5. i made a meal plan from now until we move out to camp --which is when we don't have to buy groceries for 2 months! hooray!
6. dance anthem of the 80's is my favorite song right now. and this one, too.
7. and this.


Christina said...

AH! I LOVE POMPLAMOOSE! (oops, sorry, didn't mean to shout.) : ) My favorite is "Little Things"

Oh, and I can't quite see the instructions for the lovely, lovely quilt you pictured, but if it's pieced in the traditional way with all the little diamonds, I'd suggest not making it your first quilt; diamonds can be hard for several reasons. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished projects!

and p.s. Do we get to catch a glimpse of your summer to-do list? Mine mostly includes gardening, grilling, party planning, and lots of trips to the park with my boysies.

thenextarrow said...

i really need to make my own list. this one is so lovely.


xo Alison

Anonymous said...

I am so envious that you can read 'the sewing encyclopedia'.. I want it soo bad! I got the arts and crafts encyclopedia for Christmas :)

And I even blogged about wanting the sewing one, ha!

marta said...

01. love your lists, like usual.
02. your photo of a wooden chair next to the wooden floor just makes me melt.
03. i am so starting my summers out like you do, never cease to amaze me in your excitement for listing and goals and steady anticipation.
04. summer camp excitement. i can practically feel it, so contagious. (will just have to watch the old parent trap real soon.)

kristin said...

love the photo.
that book looks so delicious.

Hannah said...

love your list. My daughter's preschool graduation is today. A bitter sweet moment, but it does make summer seem more official.

Love your photography! Your images lately have been amazing.

Anonymous said...

seriously, goodbye jack bauer! and lost! (and grey's for me...) hahaha all our nights are free now :]

Bonnie said...

thank you for the link to Pomplamoose. I have never heard of them. I am now a fan! I love their music, style and personality.

Bonnie said...

thank you for the link to Pomplamoose. I never heard of them, and now I am a fan. I love their music, style and personality!



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