June 8, 2010
i'm sorry in advance, for the hurry-flurry nature of this post. i just wanted to stop in and say hi. and aren't the peonies so pretty right now? i'm seeing them in bloom all over town. my father-in-law let me snap these off of his front lawn. i wish they'd last forever in my little mug in the kitchen.
judging by this photo, you wouldn't know that life is the least bit fast-paced. let me just tell you: it is. i feel like i'm working with stolen time. school, camp, and wedding are all mixed together this week, and everything's coming to a head. this is the big week. it seemed to get here out of nowhere. right now we're in transition mode.. trying to tie up all of our loose ends and come out on top.
only 2 days left of living at home! only 4 days until the wedding!
work to be done. lists to be checked. wish me luck.
i may be in or i may be out..
but i hope to get some photos from our family reunion up soon!


kristin said...

what a great photo of your peonies from the FIL garden. we missed most of our week of pure scented joy looking for another house. i figured we would, so i cut a bunch off to bring to my mother-in-law's so i could selfishly smell them.

have a good rest of the week. sounds like a blessed busy one!

Katherine said...

Ah, sometimes I feel like stolen time is what I live by. The peonies, however, are lovely. I would like to borrow your father-in-law if I may.

Renee said...

oh i do hope you're "in"!! i would love to see pictures of the Harms' family reunion! i know i won't be able to name them all, but i'll have fun trying!

marta said...

ahhh, peonies. my favorite. aren't they just so perfect in every stage from bud to full bloom?!

i will be thinking of you this week, am sure you'll handle all the duties of a maid of honor and kitchen doll with grace and loveliness. enjoy all the unforgettable moments.

Christina said...

Mmmmm...I love peonies! Here's to a *successful* crazy-busy week. : )

Nicole said...

those peonies are gorgeous! the pink is so vibrant!!!

Hannah said...

what a beautiful photo! they are my absolute favourite - I'm having them in my wedding bouquet at the end of the summer, which I am so excited about! I hope you enjoy the business & know God's peace throughout all of the flurry!

Bonnie said...

it just so happens that peonies are my favorite of all flowers. beautiful picture!

Tesa said...

just transplanted some peonies in my yard...hoping for a big bushy hedge of them in a few years!
Happy busy start to your summer! Hope you are able to savor each bit of it just as you are the peonies!



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