June 4, 2010
scenes from my kitchen this week.
1. i'm loving granola this week. grant's loving multigrain cheerios. i love to mix them together.
2. busy making food for a little family reunion this weekend. and by little, i mean big. almost 30 of us when we're all together! i'm bringing the deviled eggs to the party tonight. mmm.
3. we're also loving lots and lots and lots of fruit these days. grant even picked up a surprise carton of blackberries and a tiny sack of expensive cherries for me. fruit is so exciting, isn't it?
4. spent a bit of an afternoon with rebecca of sunnybrook farm and my mother-in-law's good sunflower cookies. recipe to come in the future.. you will want it!
5. baking bread for sunday morning breakfast at the reunion.
6. woke up this morning with banana chocolate chip cookies dancing in my head. i've been looking forward to this all week long, as my reserved banana ripened. who wouldn't want to get out of bed when there are cookies to be baked?!
happy friday to all of you and a big happy last day of school to grant! woohoo.
ps. thanks for reading my love story yesterday and making me feel like i've really got something special to say. your words seem to double the benefit of writing it all down. every time a new comment pops up, i'm even happier that i did it! sorry if the length scared some of you away-- i've learned you have to let it get long if you want to get to the good stuff!


Kelli said...

Sounds like a fun kitchen to be in with lots of yummy smells. My good friend made me a batch of granola and I am savoring each bite. Have a great reunion...I love deviled eggs!

Christina said...

Ohhhh, I adore white-on-white kitcheny photos (like your egg photo). It sounds like you have had and will continue to have a delicious week!

Kirsten said...

I love cherries. I've eaten 4 pounds of them in the past week. They're my favorite

Heather said...

Your stories are never too long! I could read pages and pages. I'm always disappointed when its over and wish there was more.

Can you give us the recipe for banana cookies? Those sound delicious!

Enjoy your family reunion!!

Anonymous said...

you seriously make the best stuff. i can't show your pics to my husband -- he will be jealous of grant for sure.

Misplaced Country Girl said...

So here's the million dollar question....do you put pickle relish in your deviled eggs? In my family it's a must and I don't understand it. I think I'm missing a gene or something that times me to these people!

hannah | honey & jam said...

Ahhh. All these photos are so beautiful!

Jordan and Jandee said...

Summer! I am somewhat new to your blog. I love all of your photos and I loved reading your love story, you just seem to have the sunniest disposition, how refreshing.

Nicole said...

Summer! Your pictures are beautiful. ...and you are absolutely adorable with the note! That's very smart of you, as I find that while I am patiently waiting for my bananas to ripen, they disappear before I can bake with it!

ALSO, I love your very last sentence, when you said that you've gotta let it get long if you wanna get the good stuff! You're absolutely right!

marta said...

"you are speakin' my language." i love these pics and yes, i agree about splurging on fruit. ooh la la, it's the best thing ever. enjoy your big family reunion and the official start of summer now that grant is out. how cool is it that you are 'one' with the season; being named summer and all. enjoy the sunshine and those cookies. mmm.

p.s. i loved the photo of the note about the banana. glad to see you do that too.



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