June 10, 2010
well, we're all moved in. and now i'm headed to nebraska to watch my sister get married!!
yay! can't wait to stand at your side and hold your bouquet, haley.
you were there for me, and i'm so excited that i get to be there for you.
i love you.


ChelseaF said...

Yay! Matrons-of-honor rock, and you will totally rock it!!! :)

marta said...

such a beautiful friendship in your sisterhood. what a special thing to have a twin get married! oh i hope you have waterproof mascara, my darling. that photo of you two at your wedding is just gorgeous. so glad you have each other.

p.s. i could just picture you and your laundry baskets getting settled at camp. hip hooray. keep in touch!

Rebecca said...

something about this posts kills me. I love the then and now. You are both so wonderful. :)

Nicole said...

that is such a beautiful picture! you and your sister are beautiful! have tons of fun in nebraska!



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