June 13, 2010
we're home from the wedding! and it was beautiful.
i wanted to enjoy every second of wedding-ness with my family, so i didn't even take my camera to the church, but i'll try to round up some photos for you guys to see! this is one from my friend brad. isn't haley's dress incredible? and her hair.. and the flower.. just so simple and elegant. that was this bride exactly. she was stunning. i couldn't stop looking at her. it's amazing how being the bride lends that dazzling awe factor. i felt like she was royalty. like she was a tiny doll inside that dream of a dress. almost as if i dared not touch her unless i asked. i've never seen her so radiant and happy and shaky ever in my life. it was wonderful.
the ceremony was full of lovely words and an unforgettable song and many tear-jerking moments. (naturally.) the wedding party was full of our friends. the reception was full of twinkling lights and chic lanterns. the after party was full of favorite people. and the whole day was full of happy things. i loved every minute. from the butterflies that began at 6 am to the last goodbye hug.
oh, and by the way.. hello from camp!
we've already played a new nightgame with the staff. (involving walkie talkies, camouflage, and a night-scope.)
and i already have 11 bug bites.
and grant's had two ticks.
and my hair is still curled from the wedding.
and bobby pins are lodged in my roots somewhere.
and work starts in the morning, so i'm going to hit the sack.
more soon!


Renee said...

miss you already!...what a wonderful weekend! i hope camp life starts off great for you!

donya said...

What a beautiful dress! And of course, a beautiful bride as well. I can't wait to see more pictures.

Anonymous said...

her dress is gorgeous!! love all the layers :] looking forward to more pics... have fun at camp!

marta said...

gorgeous. i love that gorgeous whipped cream wedding dress; i've never seen another like it! and that flower in her hair, perfect. and is that you in the blue? well, everything looks just lovely. enjoy getting into the groove up at camp. hooray for you.

Christina said...

From that small glimpse, I would say it was a perfectly beautiful wedding! I'm glad you had a good time. I do feel a little jealous that I've never had a sister or even been a bridesmaid. You make it sounds SOOOOO fun! : )

Anneliese said...

i too loved the flower. it was so very 'haley'.

swell.life said...

incredible indeed. what a gorgeous dress. and the moh in the corner(?) look pretty incredible as well. happy to hear camp is so far so good.

Misplaced Country Girl said...

Oh I can't wait to see more pictures. She looks beautiful!

Nicole said...

your sister looks so beautiful! love her hair and her dress!

summer said...

@ Marta & Jessica: yep, that's me!



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