July 30, 2010
when these black lab puppies came to visit us at camp yesterday.


ashley maureen said...

summer! that is the cutest thing i ever did see. and look at you so pretty! love.

donya said...

What beautiful pictures and puppies! And of course you look awesome! (Totally jealous of your hair.)

kate said...

found your blog today. love it :) bunches!

Eeny said...

Oh, how cute is this little puppy?!
Those pictures are so adorable. And you look so happy.

marta said...

oooh, i love this post. puppy love is in your eyes. and can i just agree with everyone else.. you are oh so beautiful & happy to the nth degree. (you are breaking the rules, no one is supposed to look that cute at camp!!) love the cozy hot pink top.

Misplaced Country Girl said...

Guh! Do you get to take one home? I LOVE puppies!

Anneliese said...

about 3 weeks before we had Bentley i saw a sign advertising puppies for sale. i told shawn he better be glad we were having a baby...otherwise we would have been buying one! :)

haley said...


Renee said...

ooohhhh!! don't you just want one sooo bad??!! It's a good thing i wasn't there...or we would have been taking one home! You didn't...did you??!! Nothing like a lab puppy...cutest thing ever!

Madelino said...

CUTE!!!!!!!! Were those the lassen's?

summer said...

@ everyone.. thank you so much! you guys are too sweet, really.

@ mom.. nope, we didn't take one home. but i thought of you getting one!

@ madeline.. YES, they are the Lassen's!

Amanda said...

You are exploding with happiness in this post!



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