July 19, 2010
we'd had this paddle last night. (or two of them would've been nice.)
when we were on the pontoon boat with the fam.
and we ran out of gas.
and it started to rain.
and it was freezing.
and we saw lightning.
and we were in the middle of the lake.
and there were no other boats.
and grant's phone had zero bars.
but, we chugged/drifted to somebody's dock and eventually got more gas and we are back home at camp! thank you, Lord! what an adventure.
speaking of adventures.. today our 3rd & 4th grade camp begins! our littlest campers. they are a trip. and they aren't afraid to ask if their lunch has any mushrooms or onions.


kristin said...

i would totally be that 3rd/4th grader holding my nose up high in fear of the onion or mushroom that could possibly touch my food. praise the Lord that my tastes are broadening daily :)

so glad you made it back safely to land. :) a pontoon boat is a challenge to push while swimming in the water eh?

Renee said...

yes, quite the adventure! i bet there will always be an oar in your boat in the future!
i'm sure this will be a "fun food" week for you and the campers!!

Misplaced Country Girl said...

Eeks that might have made me panic just a bit! Glad everyone is safe and I'm sure now you will have a great story to tell in the years to come.

By the way, I'm sitting at my desk eating a blueberry cobbler bar. I brought them to work because I couldn't stop eating them at home now I can't stop eating them here! My co-workers think I'm a goddess and it's all because of you!

marta said...

oh my goodness! that sounds like one crazy evening. i am sure you all banded together like a family ought to. i hope you stay warm and dry and fearless for the rest of your camping season. what a story to tell though, right?!

p.s. that's a beauty of a photo.

Bonnie said...

omg! I would have been a little scared too!!! Glad it all turned out ok. The younger kids must be so fun...and yes...picky eaters! How cute!

summer said...

@ misplaced country girl.. ooh! i can't take any of the praise, but i'm so happy to hear it that you love them like i do! they need good homes to be eaten in. and workplaces, too.



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