August 31, 2010
the ants are gone!
i've been wiping my kitchen counters with white vinegar once in the morning and again after dinner and haven't seen a single ant since. my kitchen is clear. ant problem solved!! hope this might help someone else with little anties scurrying around their house.


Hannah said...

horray! we are having an ant infestation as well. so yucky. i'm going to try your vinagar trick.

Anneliese said...

i was almost confused on if i had come to mary's blog! she has been infested with ants as well! i'm sure she will be glad for the tip! and actually, i had a few earlier this i will have to memo this to self incase they come back!

Jules said...

Congrats! I will try that.

You know what else works great? A spray bottle of soapy water. Actually, that will kill them faster than bug spray. Something about the soap, but I can't quite recall right now.

christine said...

no anties, but we have crickets! ALL OVER THE PLACE! we feel like we're camping in our dorm...they are sick-nasty. any remedy for those?

Maryclayre Dick said...

Summer! I was so going to write about my ants...they are terrible. And ruthless...the vinegar didn't work on them, so I know have had to Raid my house...they were even in the bathroom! Gross. Better than roaches though, and I'm glad I am not the only one with this problem!

kristin said...


kerri lynne said...


i found an unbelievably disturbing amount of teeny tiny ants scurrying around dog food crumbs in our kitchen, too, and nothing has worked. thanks for the suggestion :]

summer said...

@ christine.. hey christine!! i just read that if you put some molasses in a jar and leave it out overnight the crickets will jump in and drown. you should so try this! it sounds fun!



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