August 31, 2010
an appreciation for guacamole. i get
why people love it. i see the potential it holds for my future. (football season is here! and that means i will be wanting a snack during the games.)
favorite guacamole
2 ripe avocados
juice of half a lemon (yes, i prefer lemon to lime)
1 clove garlic, minced
salt + pepper to taste
minced red onion to taste
chopped tomato (optional. i had a fresh one on hand.)
scoop flesh of avocados, mash, and drizzle lemon juice over the top. stir in garlic, s+p, red onion, and tomato, if using. scoop with your favorite chips.
ps. thank you for your helpful ideas and links about lunch yesterday!!


Renee said...

looks wonderful! this is our favorite snack these days!!

Kelli said...

It is oh so very yummy...I should make some this weekend! I love to add some cilantro too.

Misplaced Country Girl said...

I have been away from a week and have missed this blog so much! You've been busy busy And now I'm hungry from reading all your posts and seeing your pictures. Oh and I really want iced tea now!

nataliep. said...

thanks for sharing,summer. i'm def making this this week!

kerri lynne said...

yum! and i agree, lemon all the way! :)

Joe said...

I skip the garlic, and add some cumin and some fat-free sour cream. So yum.



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