August 10, 2010
DONE! camp season 2010 has come to an end.
the oven racks have been scrubbed.
the pantry has been tidied.
the floors are mopped.
the raft is out of the lake.
brygger bedrooms are empty.
the mattresses have been flipped.
the sugar bins have been dumped.
the camp store cash has been counted.
the staff is pretty exhausted.
but we still have one last trip to The Hub!


Brea said...

Oh my summer, you've done it again. I'm homesick for camp Shetek. I can't tell you how many times I've walked those steps and almost tripped because of the size of each step. And I'm soooooo craving the Hub that I can smell it. I'm not joking either. Mmmmmmm...

Renee said...

i agree with Brea....oh...for a hub cheeseburger....and onion rings! enjoy some for me! and , job well done on another camp season! now...for a little relaxation before school starts!

Hannah-belle said...

Summer, that picture fits the mood so perfectly! I'm going to miss camp like no other!

Mom Judy said...

Summer, all of your pictures are always so beautiful and inviting, but this one is looking so forlorn. Thanks for a marvelous summer, Summer!

Bonnie said...

you must be so tired and looking forward to going home. what a great summer you must have had!!

Misplaced Country Girl said...

I just can't believe that summer is over! Thank you so much for sharing camp with all of us. I've loved every post. said...

congrats on a successful summer! i loved coming to camp with you. all of your posts made me so nostalgic for childhood. you and grant are so wonderful and giving to have touched so many kids' lives this summer. hooray for that!



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