August 13, 2010
happy birthday, grant!
i love this picture. i wish i'd been in your class. i'm sure you really were a superstar.
i love that you are playing lord of the rings conquest right now. still such a boy.
i love that you drum on the steering wheel. and blast justin bieber.
i love that you answer the phone for me.
i love that you call me by nicknames. a lot.
i love that you are a natural leader. strong, bold, and reliable.
i love that you write letters instead of buying cards.
i love that you change the words to every song. and you always put my name in.
i love that you love Apple.
i love that you think pistachios and dried mangoes are the best snacks ever.
i love that you always pick the best clothes for me.
i love that when you kill a bug in our house, you try to do it secretly. (so i don't freak.)
i love that you use the verb 'haul' instead of 'carry.'
i love that you make me nachos when i'm under the weather.
i love that you do everything quickly and efficiently.
i love that you are into manly things.. football, hunting, mowing, building things.
i love that you say 'this, that, and whatever' all the time.
i love that you watch the stock market.
i love that you like the sight of livestock on snow.
i love that you have an awesome family.
i love that you keep your bowling ball in our trunk. just in case.
i love that you grocery shop.
i love that you really do go big or go home.
i love that you get excited about fruit with me.
i love that you are silly when you wake up in the morning.
i love that you are always thinking ahead. and looking out for me.
i love that you wear v-necks. you make them look good.
happy 27.
i love you. for every reason.


Nessa said...

happy birthday Grant

thanks Summer for having this post up for me to read when my little one thinks she should skip the "back-to-sleep part" of middle of the "3 am-nursing-and-right-back-to-sleep"

andrea said...

Happy birthday to him! That photo is so cool haha

Sara said...

What a blessing that you have each other! And even cooler is that you notice ALL of those little things that make up your husband.

Amanda said...

Summer, this is such a great list. Cheers to Grant!



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