August 18, 2010
coming from the small town scene, i had no idea that a farmers market could be like this. there were beautiful fruits, veggies, and flowers, certainly, but they also had handmade cheese, chocolates, squeezed-right-there orange juice, organic beans, fresh honey, and samples of grass-fed beef tenderloin! and a girl playing the violin. and they were giving away herbs. it was grand. i could have stayed forever, just to sample and smell and hunt for bargains. and take pictures, of course.
up next.. what came home with us.


kristin said...

can't wait for what's next! i was just thinking it :)

Kelli said...

OK, "samples of grass-fed beef tenderloin" had me hooked! YUM. And a favorite instrument. I would have wanted to stay all day as well. I can't wait to see what you came home with. Sounds like overall you had a really good trip!

Nicole said...

Wow, I love the photo with all the different beans!

Eeny said...

Beautiful pictures, Summer.
I love the farmers market as well.

Melanie Anne said...

What great pictures! I am now in the mood to hunt down a farmers market around here! And, I want to let you know that I love your sweet blog! (and I just ordered a womans walk with god per your reccomendation!--thanks!)

summer said...

@ melanie anne.. thank you, thank you! you are so kind. oh, how i hope the book is a delightful and rewarding read for you. it's one of my faves. (please let me know how you like it!)



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