August 23, 2010
go outside and spray paint a bunk!
friday was hot. i foolishly let my running shoes take me miles away from home, only to regret it on the way back. it would've all been fine but for the humidity that hung the air.. to quote my mother in law, i hate the humid.
but i made it home, red and sweaty, and before jumping in the shower, i decided to get a little more sweaty in the backyard. (where at least we had shade.) grant fished this vintage camp bunk out of the dump pile at the end of the camp season, and we are giving it a new life. isn't it charming? i like it a lot. it's really sturdy, and will come in handy someday when there are more harmses living in this house. as a kid, i always thought bunk beds were the ultimate. i hope our kids will think so too.
project:bunkbeds is only one of the assorted projects going on lately. grant got a miter saw for his birthday and i believe that was how it all got started. he is now setting up shop in the basement.. designing a workbench and hanging pegboard and all. i can tell how much he's loving this, and that makes me love it! other than that, we are both cleaning out, shelving, and organizing. i'm even washing our pillows. (martha stewart says to do this twice a year.) i'm also working on an assignment that is still under wraps, but some of you will see it popping up in your mailboxes in the next few weeks.. i'll say more in september!


Christina said...

I had a bunk bed that I thought was pretty sweet and I'm an only child. : ) Yours looks charming too, and I'm sure the future little Harmses will love it!

Looking forward to hearing about your other new projects!

Maryclayre Dick said...

I just love what a good coat of spray paint can do! How fun for your kids!
I am wondering how you wash your pillows?! I would love to know!

summer said...

@ mary.. i read in martha stewart living that you can just put your pillows straight into the washing machine! i know, right? so easy! there are usually instructions for washing on the tag of your pillow.. mine says 'machine wash warm, tumble dry low'. the washing is fine, but today the dryer decided to re-shape one of my pillows. it's never done that before, but now there's a big bump in the middle of grant's pillow. so beware! (maybe it's better to let them air dry?)

Amanda said...

Bunk beds bring back childhood memories for me when I shared a room with my sisters. In about 15 years, your kids will have the same experience... :) said...

aww, can't wait for more harmses!

this looks really great.

i'm off to wash my pillows. gulp. thanks for the reminder. i'm embarrassed to admit how long it's been!

Anneliese said...

i used to kick @maryclayre from the bottom bunk. and vice versa.

Cherish Stockdale said...

Such a cute bunk bed, our boys love their bunk bed!

kristin said...

i didn't know that you were supposed to regularly wash the pillows. i mainly avoid it b/c of the bump you mentioned in grants pillow now. as a belly sleeper, i love flat pillows- so bumps aren't welcome!

-ps i hear you about the running too far and the daunting feeling when you're on your way back. the humidity can bust my trek.

marta said...

wow.. what a DIY project! bunkbeds will never go out of style or lose their charm in my book. glad you have some at the ready. keep up the good work with the running, am always motivated by your goodness!



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