September 8, 2010
well, the first day of preschool was peachy. we made lines and circles, sang the apple tree song, and learned that God made the land and the sea. i wore my kelly kapowski cardigan. (thrifted. it's so saved by the bell sweet. i wish you guys could see it.) i wiped a kid's bottom, somebody asked if i was still summer in the fall, and was told, "i like you." it was a good day. tomorrow i get to meet more new faces, so i can't wait to get back!
in other news, i got an email from a sweet girl today. she told me the story of a dairy farm that's close to her heart- a farm that's in big trouble. she asked if i could help get the word out, and i'm all about supporting small farms. doesn't rescuing a dairy farm sound like fun today? to read more or donate, go here!


Hannah said...

What fun! I love the fall question. It made me smile.

Am loving your food posts. Mmm. That bread looks incredible.

Eeny said...

Awww... little kids are adorable. They always say the cutest things. And if they tell you they like you they mean it from the bottom of their little hearts.

Katherine said...

Thank you so much for sharing about the farm, Summer! It was a huge encouragement to me. :)


sophiesara said...

those lucky little kiddos get you! what a blessing! enjoy their quirky sweetness!

Bonnie said...

aw, I love how one of the kids asked you if you are still Summer in the Fall. That is adorable!



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