October 9, 2010

this happened.
an october heat wave. 
i am blissed out. 

today i will be ditching the slippers for my flip flops.
and wearing shorts and an old high school t-shirt.
and watering my flowers.
and picking out a food dehydrator. yay! 
and i won't be making that soup after all.
maybe guacamole instead. and watermelon. 
yes, there's still fresh watermelon at our farmers market. crazy.

today i smell like the perfume my sisters left at my house. 
it's a good one
i'm sad the bottle only has a few drops left in it.
wish i could split the cost of a new one with my mom like i used to.

today i feel like reading the newspaper. 
and watching grant play frisbee golf. 

today i remembered those old bugs bunny cartoons we have on dvd.
i hope we pull them out some saturday mornings for our kids. 
i was close to watching them myself this morning. 

today i am thankful that God made sunshine feel so good. 

today feels like yard work and college football on the radio. 
do you know those saturdays?

today (tonight) i hope to pull the bunkbed mattresses into the living room and have a movie night. 

happy sat. 


kristin said...

can you believe it?! you are more north than i and i believe we have 75º for us this weekend. bliss! my dad calls these heat waves "indian summers" who knows?

i love that we have all the windows open and freshness is blowing through the house!

(i have a new dehydrator! is it silly that i'm waiting till you use yours before i use mine? i think it will be fun!)

Whitney Lane said...

yay for a new dehydrator! (i'm currently researching which one we'll buy too...) :) can't wait to see all you do with it!!

Nessa said...

ooohh I have been wanting one of those...

I had to choose between a food dehydrator and a pressure canner/cooker - being that I have become addicted to canning the dehydrator lost... this time.

I can't wait to see what you make!

Christina said...

Sounds lovely! We had an unexpectedly warm weekend too and spent yesterday helping friends remodel and irresponsibly talking til' the wee small hours with them over ice cream and coffee.



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