October 5, 2010
this afternoon i found myself putting in dan in real life and typing up recipes. that's what happens when you've come to the very end of your free netflix trial and have to quick watch and return the movie before you must start paying. and you just have too many recipes on your hands.

usually we consider an afternoon movie to be a throw away movie, so we don't do them too often. (it doesn't feel as real if it's not nighttime, right?) but i don't think that's true if you are multi-tasking, with the movie as a sort of soundtrack in the background. so today it wasn't a throw away movie. in fact, it was more like a splurge. it's only october 5th once a year, after all. and october 5th is an auspicious day. my father in law proclaims it to be the most beautiful day of the year, and it also happens to be the day grant asked me to be his wife. a sort-of anniversary of ours. and my newest baby cousin was born today! and tonight we found out that the minnesota vikings might get randy moss back- the best wide receiver ever! grant was jumping up and down about it. it's a special day in history, for sure.

watching dan reminded me that it would be really fun to do a boys vs. girls crossword puzzle tournament at our family's big deer hunting get-together in november. (heidi.. what do you think?)

speaking of a splurge, haley brought me some of this when she came to visit:


oooh. i do love some nice hair product now and then. a splurge for my shower.

in other news, grant is writing a paper. i'm always amazed at how quickly he gets them done. aaaand.. we paid off a chunk of his student loan yesterday! yay! we splurged. on our debt. hooray for little (big) achievements. especially ones that sound like they could be on the game of life. i'm so proud of you grant, and i think it's really fun to have a loan with you. but even more fun to pay it off.

how are you splurging this week?

ps. quick note on the apple & onion tart from earlier today. don't be shy with the cheese, please. it brings it all together!


Liv said...

Dan in Real Life is one of my favorites, I often have that on in the background, as a soundtrack.

And hooray for paying down student loans.

jacs23 said...

ahh, yes, oct 5th is a special day in our family too...very special! and what fun to pay off some debt...i know that excitement & everytime Alan and I do something like that...we celebrate! Cheers to you and Grant & happy splurging!! ><> jaclyn

Annabelle said...

Love Dan in Real Life: "This corn is like an angel." Love the crossword puzzle idea even more.

sabrina said...

Dan in Real Life is one of my favorites too. Definitely love the crossword puzzle idea. Are we playing to see who does the dishes too?

Michaela Dawn said...

It so WAS a beautiful day today, indeed! I'm glad someone out there finds it viable to claim such a date:)

also, congrats on the anniversary! Always a big achievement, although no one tells you about that on your wedding day, they just grin, and kinda smile to themselves and think, boy, if only they knew what they were getting themselves into:P

Kaitlyn Luce said...

My splurge of the week is Starbucks on Wednesday afternoon's. I go there between classes, get something to eat, get some coffee, and do a bit of studying. It's awesome!

Misplaced Country Girl said...

Congrats on paying a chunk on that loan! That is super exciting. I'm splurging on a special dinner with my best friend for her birthday. I'm super excited to have a reason to get dressed up and go out with my friends.

Tawnya said...

TRYING to splurge and allow myself to sit down and read a good book this week....there's ALWAYS so many other things vying for my time!

Carrie said...

Hi Summer! I love reading your stories, recipes and thoughts and look forward to your blog each day. I too am very interested in food, where it comes from, and how it impacts our body.

Along those same lines, are you researching the chemicals in cleaners & cosmetic (and hair!) products? You'd be amazed by how many toxins we allow in our products. The "Story of Stuff" is a great resource to learn more, as is the Good Guide (www.goodguide.com).



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