December 28, 2010

we are still christmasing at our house.
i still have bing playing on pandora and the shop around the corner on the dvr.
am still saving room for more spritz cookies.
and there are still out-of-town gifts nestled under our tree.

that's how i like my holidays. drawn-out. make christmas last a whole week, i say! 
(really happy that the neighbors are not turning off their twinkle lights yet.)

i'm so excited that we have celebrating left to do!! tomorrow we leave for nebraska to be with my family for a belated christmas and new year's. yay! we're bringing the ipad in the car, which now has beauty & the beast on it, and picking up a raspberry hot chocolate for the drive.

see you all soon! how was your christmas?!
ps. i can't wait to tell you about my new favorite red & green salad when i get back.
pps. between now and new year's, smithfield is donating food to helping hungry homes everytime someone "likes" them on facebook! cool. 


Nessa said...

oh I love that santa gift tag! I say drag them out as long as you can... this year we actually got together with everyone early and it is kind of sad having it all over.

Kelli said...

Ahh, an extended Christmas...nice. I love the movie Shop Around the Corner...I watched it after your suggestion. You've Got Mail is my favorite movies so I love seeing the original that it was based on. I hope you have a wonderful prolonged celebration!

laura.railing said...

I could totally dig that idea Summer! The day after Christmas was so ugh this year. I don't even know exactly why, but I think next year I am going to change that and make Christmas go longer! My dad and I both like to listen to Christmas music longer than just up to Christmas day!

Misplaced Country Girl said...

You're so cute Summer! I however am in dire need of a holiday detox. I can't eat one more cookie. I loved every second of it, but I can't wait to get my entire house cleaned this weekend and get back to regular life again. I will be sad though to put away my twinkle lights. Those might have to stick around for a little bit longer!

Christina said...

Prolonged holidays are the best! I'm probably going to watch the Muppet Christmas Carol today. : )

Oh, and Beauty and the Beast=one of the BEST princess movies EVER!

Sharon said...

I recently discovered your blog via a link on Jayme's page, Summer. Really enjoy it! Even after 30 years of marriage, I still like discovering new recipes, so thanks for sharing. Blessings and Happy New Year!

Amanda said...

I had a prolonged holiday too. I just didn't want it to end AT ALL. so we still have the tree and all the trimmings up!

Melanie Anne said...

Hope you had a very happy second Christmas with your family and Happy New Year too! Jsut wanted to tell you that I have so enjoyed your sweet blog this year! So happy to have found you! You are a breath of fresh air! Love to you in 2011!!



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