February 25, 2011
i watch the oscars. it's my annual splurge on a night of sparkly tv with short-lived significance. it's fun to feel like you really do have celebrity faves, and everyone in hollywood is friends in real life.. for one night. it's fun to comment on so and so's hair, like you really care. yep. that's my idea of fun.


and just so you know, i'm having popcorn with my oscars. have we forgotten about making popcorn? on the stove? it is super easy and exciting. i don't know if my kids will know about microwave popcorn, because i can't wait to show them this. have we forgotten how amazing it smells? fresh. have we forgotten what movie theatre taste is like, minus the yellow butter-mimicking fluid they let you pump out of a fountain? did you know that movie theatres used to use coconut oil to give popcorn it's signature flavor? lovely, good-for-you coconut oil! a healthy fat. hooray. try this real old-fashioned popcorn, my friends. your tongue will remember the true taste. it's perfect.


real old-fashioned popcorn

3 T. coconut oil
1/2 cup popcorn kernels
sea salt, to taste

if you don't have a whirly-pop, don't worry! i don't either. i used a 6-qt. stainless steel pot with a lid. 
fyi, this pairs well with apple slices and m&ms.

1. add coconut oil to your pot and let heat up for a few minutes over medium heat. add 3 popcorn kernels. don't put the lid on yet.
2. when the oil is hot enough, the "tester" kernels will pop. after this happens, add the 1/2 cup kernels, put the lid on, and immediately start moving your pot around the burner. slide pan vigorously back and forth on the stove to keep the kernels moving and turning, and continue as you hear them start popping.
3. when the popping starts to slow down, turn off the heat and keep moving the pot. once the popping has slowed even more, remove from stove. air on the side of not getting all the kernels popped, rather than burning the ones that are ready. sprinkle with plenty of sea salt and pour popcorn into bowls.

happy friday, friends. have some popcorn on me. 
you know where i'll be sunday night, if you care to join the fun. 


{natalie} said...

we use a whirly pop all the time and i love it. i will never go back to microwave popcorn. i didn't think of using coconut oil, i will have to try that out.

Miranda said...

Mmm...I do love coconut oil. And the Oscars. Have a wonderful weekend Ms. Summer!

Anonymous said...

I always make it on the stove. In fact, my mom has a "popcorn pan" specifically for making popcorn. Same type of pan, but it's been "ruined" through the years by burning popcorn slightly (the way she likes it!)


God's Gal Sarah said...

I love reading you blog, Summer. I've printed a few of your recipes and can't wait to give them a try!

Thanks for the popcorn post. I was curious about it because of all the additives, especially the ones I didn't know about.. I've also seen yeast added to popcorn and it was AMAZING to the taste. I can't wait to test it on my fiance and see what he things too ;)

I never thought of the coconut oil, but I will try it.

Question: how do you do the white background on all of your pictures?

swell.life said...

the last time i tried making real popcorn i scalded my pan beyond mention. i'm seriously no good. but i love your idea to use coconut oil and i think i might be willing to give it one more shot.

ps. that 25 week belly of yours looks a-mazing! so glad you're doing great!

Christina said...

I grew up making pop corn on the stove. We had a special pop-corn pot (but not one with the whirly thing inside; just just shook it vigorously). Mmmm, mmm. I'll have to try using coconut oil sometime!

{lovely little things} said...

My family used to make popcorn at home, I had no idea coconut oil was the secret ingredient, how interesting!

lindsi said...

mmm, popcorn has been one of my favorite foods for my whole life..i once went to a movie theatre that still made their popcorn with coconut oil, and i could taste the difference! i will have to try that out in my whirly pop.
also, i really love reading your blog! your homey recipes are great, and i am from minnesota currently living in georgia, so it's nice to see pretty pictures of home on your blog!

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