April 13, 2011

when i saw rachel's post yesterday, namely the "tangible love" part, i stopped. how sweet is a gift you leave in the fridge? i had to do it. i may not be able to buy him the vintage mini bike he's dreaming of, but i can hand squeeze 14 oranges.

it felt so good to do something spontaneous for my husband that i knew he would appreciate. there are few things he would appreciate more than this, actually. that's what was so cool about the idea. thanks, rachel. yesterday when grant got home from school and found his gift he said, "this is exactly what i wanted and i didn't know it." and that was exactly what i wanted.

other news from my house..
all my shirts are tight.
listening to classical music right now, because it's raining. and that feels right.
took the first long walk outside yesterday. it was dry and sunny and i didn't see any snow!
uh-oh... snow coming this weekend.
uh-oh.. we started arrested development again.
sitting in this chair used to be comfortable... i think.
project: baby's room is underway.
trying to decide if i'm going to commit to my gym membership in may.
i think i'm going to make shaved asparagus pizza this weekend.
asparagus! it's that time of year again. yay.
can we have another day in the week- that's just for reading books? thanks.


laura.railing said...

mmm Fresh sqeezed orange juice! It's really really good if you make your own orange julius with it! Just add some ice,a little sugar and blend. Mmm!

A fun idea is to stick little love notes in Grant's lunch, or all over really :-) Maybe a heart with something you love about him, or just post its.

Check out this DIY baby mobile my cousin just made. SOoo cute! and super easy too!! http://thefcmitchells.blogspot.com/2011/04/baby-mobile.html

A Place to Reside said...

I think I need to share the bit of tangible love that my husband shared with me earlier this week. We had a beautiful, 70-degree day, and I said, "Mmm...feels like Capri Sun weather." Well guess who showed up for dinner with a Capri Sun for each of us. :-)

Miranda said...

I made smitten kitchen's shaved asparagus pizza this time last year. Heaven! You're such a sweet wife Summer. I am always looking up to you as an example of that.

the southern hostess said...

Tangible love, what a great idea! Thanks for passing along the inspiration.

Kara Gehret said...

I saw her post and immediately wanted to go get an orange juicer thingy. I love this idea so much.

Also, Jake and I say "loves" to each other every single day, multiple times. It's our "I love you." I love that your note says it too :)

Happy Friday!

Rachel said...

Awww ... thanks, lady!

Although, I'll be honest - I love my vintage juicer, but squeezing 8 cups of orange juice by hand convinced me that I need to register for the juicing KitchenAid attachment. My sore wrists would thank me.

kristin said...

so fun. i like writing notes, too- for the times that i head to bed before my sweets.

i would love a book reading day as well... although, it would be most fun if everyone in the family and i read together both to ourselves and out loud throughout the day ;)

{lovely little things} said...

Post updates about baby's room! Would love to see how everything comes together.

Ash said...

this is too cute!
Thanks for sharing!!

Danielle of Graydon Avenue Photography said...

You write the sweetest things & it always inspires me to want to A) make edible treats for my love, B) Be pregnant (someday) C) be more creative with the day to day normal.

I love reading your blog.

Katyha said...

that is the sweetest idea ever, especially with the love note :D I must try this soon although my kids might think it is for them and drink it all :/



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