April 18, 2011

the baby's room change color. thank you, grant!
a fire at my brother and sister in law's house (in the fireplace, that is).
the clock saying midnight. what?! we always put the baby to bed earlier than this :)
season 1 of parks & rec.
a blanket of snow come and go, twice.
saturday before 7 am.
the inside of my library book.
watermelon on my fork! it was just what we needed to balance out the snow.
palm branches at church.
a comfy vintage chair, which now has a tag with my name on it.
winter coats.
clean sheets.
strawberry shakes + harry potter and the deathly hallows.
rain, rain, rain. clouds.
grant using his saw.
a nap going too long.
bacon and eggs.
dishes getting done.
big baby waves across my stomach.
asparagus and red onion pizza (sooooo good. recipe coming!)

happy monday, friends! what did you see this weekend?


Christina said...

Oooooo...love the color you guys chose! It's very restful. This weekend I mostly saw the inside of my house since my boys are sick. However, I've been enjoying my own nursery planning and glorying in the color "golden yellow" in all sorts of Etsy searches. (Two unrelated thoughts; the nursery corner is going to be greens and blues with some white and accents of red. And it's for a girl. I know I'm going to love it!) I also enjoyed seeing the inside of my husband's new sudoku book. : )

Heather said...

That's the same color I JUST painted my kitchen this weekend! Fun!

Laura Railing said...

Lovely color Summer! It's one that will go well with any other number of colors. Our weekends kindof go into Monday so if you count that, we saw: the zoo (it was delightful at that with a 3 year old enthralled by it all, and most wanting to see the flamingos!), a charming pizza-by-the-slice place with delicious home-made breadsticks,also palm branches on Sunday (so neat! and the first year our son was old enough to get to carry them in! he was pretty excited about that!) as well as a long nap, lots of clean warm laundry fresh out of the dryer. Ahh. Oh. And some of your blueberry bars with vanilla ice cream. Perfect weekend!

swell.life said...

is it robins' nest!? great choice!!

A Place to Reside said...

Well, on your recommendation, we got a copy of Tangled but have yet to watch it. I'm hoping to watch it this week. Instead we saw a play, browsed used books and ate cupcakes. Not bad. :-)

Kara Gehret said...

Super cute!

kristin said...

I love the color!!! Works for either gender. Do u guys have wood trim or did u take it down to paint it white? I can't tell. We have natural colored trim in our house and I am having a time figuring out colors to go w it bc I don't want to paint trim & doors ;)

Laura said...

Things I saw this weekend: Scream 4 (yes, I know), black swan, the bottom of a huge tub of Fage, and a bunch of earth worms while gardening.

Anonymous said...




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