May 26, 2011

it takes guts for me to try anything artsy. it's just not in my nature. but i got it in my head that i wanted some "art" in the baby's room. and if there's one thing i've learned at preschool, it's that my favorite art is imperfect. imperfect, i thought... i can do that.

so i got brave. i bought white frames at ikea and a cheap set of watercolors. and painted. grant painted too! he is by far the artist in the family. and you know what? it was so fun. i sat at the table all sunday afternoon, just playing with paint. not worried about perfect. i love how they turned out!



marta said...

i simply love everything about this, summer. what a meaningful detail for your babe to enjoy. the nursery is looking beautiful.

p.s. love that the paint color matches your blog banner!

Hannah said...

these are truly lovely, summer - a beautiful hand crafted addition to the nursery. and just think, before you know it you will be framing the artwork made by your own little babe! i adore children's artwork & all their perfect imperfections : )

Nessa said...

Pretty... you both picked wonderful colors. They are such happy artwork. I love that dresser and mirror together. You are making quite a lovely spot for your little one.

Laura Railing said...

wow those are beautiful Summer!! Thank you for posting! And way to go on stepping out there to do it! They look great and will be a special accent in baby's room!

Christina said...

I love them! And they *are* perfect. Perfect expressions of your love for the baby, and perfect additions to that pretty room! There is nothing better than a handmade-with-love gift; I've been enjoying making art for our baby's room lately too. : )

Anna said...

Those look amazing! Better than anything you could buy in the stores. I loved watercolors when I was younger.



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