May 17, 2011
this past weekend we went down to nebraska, because my sister graduated from high school! congratulations, chels! i got to talk with lots of old friends, eat lots of brisket and gummy bears, play dominoes with my grandparents, and try to grasp that chelsea is now at the point where i was- wearing the cap and gown. and me? i am going to be a mom shortly. time is so weird. we also got to celebrate grandma and grandpa's 50th anniversary... wooohoo! what a lovely legacy. we took some family photos to honor the happy couple- you can see our little family as you scroll down :)

...and i got a haircut! my wonderful stylist-twin sister squeezed me in for a summer cut that i so desperately needed. thank you, haley!! i feel more like myself being at shoulder-length again. love it. i actually told grant that having all those inches gone has helped me see myself as a mom. maybe that's silly, but i can picture it better now.

...and this week the baby is officially full term! it blows me away that this little person could be born today and it wouldn't be pre-mature. whoa. things are close, guys.


....and one more for fun. with grant's creeper eye. (on purpose. this is so him. i love it.)


Laken said...

these are the cutest. and I'm looving your new haircut -- you're so ready to be a mom now :)

praying for an easy-peasy delivery for you!

Jordan and Jandee said...

Love your haircut!

ashley maureen said...

so cute, miss! you both look great. you're going to be a mom!!!

donya gjerdingen said...

I know what you mean about 'seeing yourself as a mom'. I definitely had moments like that right before becoming a mom. But then again, there are times now that I look in the mirror and still can't believe I'm a mom.
Congrats on being so close, Summer! Yay!

Learning to Simply Live said...

Love the hair. But I especially like the color combinations of the outfit! SO bright and cheery. Perf.

marta said...

everything about this post is C.U.T.E. what perfect pics for the baby book. am loving that hair too. am praying for you, my friend.

Sky said...

very sweet pictures - how exciting!

kerri lynne said...

adorable! & really digging the haircut, too! :)

Laura Railing said...


Ashley said...

These brought a smile to my face:)

Nessa said...

Yippee! Hooray for full term-ness and hanging out with the family. Cute hair cut. I always wanted a sister... now I upgrade my wish to a sister who is a stylist. My brother isn't married yet - so fingers crossed.

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

You guys are the cutest!

Amanda said...

look at your pretty hair!!
love the eye that grant is giving the camera.
less than a month now, right?

P.S. Did you get my email about the series I wanted you to be a part of?

Kirsten said...

Awesome pictures. You guys are so cute. I love your earings!



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