May 4, 2011

the bedroom for the littlest harmsie is coming along.
new paint (robin's nest from benjamin moore)... check.
new trim (crafted by grant)... check.
crown molding (to cover up a bad paint job from before we moved in)... check.
sweet vintage chair that rocks (literally)... check.

now we just need to paint the doors and put them back in, then we can start moving in the rest of the furniture! i say "we" but you know who i really mean... :) thanks for all your hard work, grant.


erin elizabeth king said...

oh my goodness! we have almost the exact same vintage rocker in amos' room! my mom and brother reupholstered it for us : ) i love yours!

Katyha said...

looks amazing! love the colour & love the chair

Christina said...

I looooove your vintage chair! Your little baby nest is going to be charming. :D

marta said...

darling. loving that vintage chair and that cool color. seriously, i could stare at that hue for awhile. will be perfect for girl or boy. xo.

Laura Railing said...

What an adorable/relaxing nursery you have coming along! The chair is simply darling! And the paint color is so cheerful and lovely!

Renee said...

perfect name for a paint color! looks wonderful!

Hannah said...

Summer, this colour is perfect in every way - so beautiful, fresh & light.
The rocking chair is wonderful too - I expect you are looking forward to spending many hours with your babe in arms in that chair : )

Kaitlyn Luce said...

So cute! Can't wait to see the complete finished product!



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