August 29, 2011

1. aden + anais swaddles
2. swing
3. the first years jet stroller/being outside
4. vacuuming
5. iPad + white noise app
6. big bouncy ball

a few of our favorites that we've found so far.
like i told you guys before, Hadley loves the sound of the vacuum. her crying melts away when i turn it on. she is a big fan of her gray stroller too, and has been from the very beginning. in her world, going outside is the best, second only to eating. she also likes to hang out in mommy and daddy's arms while we bounce on the big ball- that's the go-to method for getting her to fall asleep. and i don't know what we would do without the swing we are borrowing. (thanks Casey and Ann!) she sleeps so nice in that thing! the iPad is well-loved for lots of reasons, a major one being that it keeps mom entertained while feeding miss Hadley. but we are also enjoying the white noise app, which also makes a grandfather clock sound and has a handy sleep timer.

and the awesome part is that we keep finding new favorite things everyday!


Emma said...

who would have thought that a vacuum would send a baby to sleep! :) I still find it so adorable that she loves the vacuum! Exercise balls are the best - they are great for so many things! Looks like you're definitely settling into the swing of being a mum :)

A Place to Reside said...

I'm glad to see your baby-related, return to listing. How fun! And you've inspired me begin using a list for encouragement, so thanks for that. :-)

Kelly said...

ah yes the days of white noise. My youngest has a sound machine that is strictly white noise. I don't see the harm in white noise, even at the age of 4.5. DH thinks other wise. Oh and the swing...LIFE SAVER...oldest lived in it for months. BTW...are we ever going to hear the birth story???

Emily R said...

I have been hesitant to use my vacuum around my 10 week old while she's napping...who knew?! And thanks for the tip about the bouncy ball :) I second your love for those swaddles...the first time I used one my girl slept through the night!

Holly said...

i love the vacuum trick too! i've found playing 'words with friends' is best for keeping me awake during late night feeding sessions with my boy!



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