September 29, 2011
grant sent me an email with a link to this game
the other night we teamed up and took turns holding hadley, to try to get to the higher levels. 

we are addicted. 


Amanda Greer said...

oh man! I am horrible at geography! But I think I may become addicted to this game!

A Place to Reside said...

Wow, this is surprisingly addictive!

linnea paulina said...

That is so much fun :o) and educational! This year, my fiance and I have been obsessed with a board game called "10 days in the Americas"... his family enjoyed playing it so much that they bought 10 days in Europe, and 10 days in Asia :o) We play whenever we visit each other. I think you & Grant would really enjoy it! Geography is so much fun!

Brittany Bennett said...

pretty sure I'm addicted to this game now also



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