October 18, 2011

sound: the heat kicking on.
sight: hadley's new closed mouth smile. or her rolling over all by herself.
smell: woodsmoke. i don't love our neighbor's junky backyard, but i will take the smoke smell gladly.
taste: raw apple cider vinegar. proof that grant has taught me something.
feeling: clean sheets and a heavy bedspread in a cold bedroom.*
*disclaimer. must be accompanied by a tall, handsome, warm husband.
blog: family dressed in tweed. monster cookies. 

ps. this post was created entirely by my left hand! while nursing!


Learning to Simply Live said...

Amen to the smell of wood burning. I cannot wait to have a wood stove in our house someday. It is definitely a dream my husband and I share :)

kristin said...

nice feat!! nursing and blogging. :) i knew i 'made' it as a parent when i really had to use the loo and hopped on, went, and finished up without the babe even noticing.

Christina said...

such delightful bests.

Audra said...

woo hoo! left handed while nursing?! amazing! and rolling over!!!!!!

Amanda Greer said...

I LOVE the sound of heat kicking on! And the smell of woodsmoke! I LOVE Fall!

Anneliese said...

nursing & blogging?! what a woman. taking acv?! also, an amazing feat in my book. i can't stand the stuff. my head knows its SO good for me, but i can't convince my taste buds.

ps. thanks for the link! made my day.

Emma said...

You're a superwoman Summer! Blogging and nursing at the same time! :) Totally agree to the smell of smoke - i love it. It reminds me so much of camping and hence my childhood. We camped lots when I was a kid! :)

And hooray for Hadley rolling over by herself! What a cutie :)



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