December 5, 2011

hi guys! i'll try to answer all your questions and wonderings from the comments on my GAPS diet post the other day. ps. miss hadley says hi.

1. How is it working for you? Notice any differences? it's going great! it doesn't even truly feel like a "diet" because 1) i eat as much as i want and 2) i seriously love everything i eat. it all tastes so delicious! once you eliminate sugar, i think your tongue starts to appreciate everything else more. and yes, i have seen so many differences! i can tell that lots of stuff is happening inside me- for the good. but, no matter what i eat or don't eat, i am reminded everyday that any healing that happens is the Lord's work and all the glory goes to Him.

2.  I'd love to hear more about the foods you're eating and how long you'll be doing it for. i will be doing an in-depth post (with a grocery list!) where i will tell you guys what i eat! as for how long i will stick to the gaps diet, i'm not sure. i think it will probably just end up being a gradual process of incorporating things back into my meals, rather than a finishing point. even once i am "off" the diet, it's not like i will start to eat unhealthy things.. not with the knowledge i have now, and my tastebuds the way they are. i'll continue eating a lot of what i do now, but i will splurge here and there, and probably have some starches/grains. but really, i do enjoy eating such nourishing stuff. (and no junk. you never feel guilty!)

3. What do you do when you go out to dinner or to another person's house? well, we aren't eating out a lot right now, which isn't that sad because Subway is the only option in our teeny town:) when we were in the city, we did eat at Chipotle and it sat okay with me. i still only ordered things that would be gaps-friendly, if not exactly "legal" :) you just have to do the best you can, when you can! basically, we eat at home almost always (this is normal, not a big adjustment) and if we ARE eating somewhere else i will eat beforehand or bring along some things to munch on. it hasn't been a big deal, so i am super thankful!! most of the time if we are eating elsewhere it's at my in-laws' house or my parents' house, where there are always options for me. i think people don't realize how many possibilities there are for easy gaps snacks and meals! (i'll be sharing some, don't worry)

4. I'm curious to know if you have any information about the creator's son's autism? How did she know he was cured? yes! amanda, since receiving your question i found a wonderful article, written by Dr. Natasha herself, telling her son's story of healing. you can read it right here.

this post is part 2 of my little GAPS series. you can also read part one: i'm doing GAPS. part 3 is coming soon with a list of what i like about gaps.  


The Soul Anchor said...

I went over to my friend's house this weekend and they're on the GAPS diet and she taught me how to make grain free/GAPS friendly pizza. It was so delicious! I hope to post the recipe soon.

Laken said...

Thanks for posting this, Summer! I'm so interested in what you're doing on so many levels.

First, as someone who has had a lot of unfaltering stomach issues, I'm always looking for new information. I'll have to look into it more and maybe try it for a few weeks.

But also, as someone who does language therapy with children who have autism on a daily basis, I've followed all the links you've posted and read about the creator's son.

Can't wait for your grocery/food post :)

Whitney Lane said...

love all of this new info! i'm intrigued. after going completely gluten-free two years ago (and almost completely dairy free now), it's hard to want to eliminate YET another food group, but if it continues to help it may just be worth it. it just amazes me how God created our bodies to react to food (good and bad) and how food can make such an enormous difference in our health. love these posts, summer!

summer said...

thanks laken and whitney!

Maryclayre said...

Oh my word, she is SO cute!!!



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