December 22, 2011
today's cookie: Suicides. be careful not to choke as you take the first bite! the snowy pile of powdered sugar has been inhaled (and coughed on) by many a Harms. but it is so worth it.

steve is my father in law. steve has introduced me to many awesome things. like shooting a handgun, his baked beans, christmas music playing out on the front porch, and grabbing the salt shaker with a napkin when you're at a restaurant. (those little bottles can be gross!) these crisp buttery cookies are steve's favorite, and when i married into the family, they became mine as well. oatmeal crispies would be their official name, i guess, but the Harmses usually just call them suicides. they are the tops. i'm telling you.


mmmm. i love the smooshing part... making them nice and flat on the pan before they bake. so fun! they taste great straight out of the freezer, by the way. in case you are like me and get desperate for a taste of butter. basically, if you need a snowy Christmas cookie in your life, here. take these.
you're welcome.


The Soul Anchor said...

Mmmmm these look goooood. Would they work with coconut flour?

Kaitlyn Luce said...

The look of these reminds me of russian tea cookies. those are our faves.

summer said...

they might work with coconut flour, if you cut back quite a bit!

Suzanne said...

I was just telling myself yesterday I needed to search your site for these. So good. So seriously, seriously, good!!

Kelly said...

I'm baking them right now! Just what I needed...a nice snowy cookie!

Bridget said...

i love how few ingredients there are.. and that they're called suicide cookies. so funny.

Heather said...

I made these the day you posted them last year. They were a huge hit! Especially love the few ingredients..I"ve got missionaries in Africa making them now!
Merry Christmas!

The Soul Anchor said...

Summer, I featured on of your recipes on my food blog!!!! Just thought you'd like to know. :-)

You come up with some amazing stuff!

Hannah said...

Summer, these look delicious! I am hoping to bake them over Christmas. Today, I'm baking an old family favourite - ginger fairlings. Perfect combination of soft & chewy. Yum!
I love the font you used for the recipe - would you mind sharing what the font is called?



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