February 24, 2012

Sometimes I love to sneak away in my house. When I can't be banging around in the kitchen or creaking on the hardwood floors because shhhhh! Hadley is napping. I'll steal away to our bedroom upstairs or the guest room.. there's something self-indulgent about hanging out in the guest room. Just like there's something thrilling about sitting on top of a bed that's neatly made; perched on top of the covers with a quilt on my lap. It's one of my guilty pleasures. I almost never nap during these retreats. I am usually so pumped that I am sitting down and have two free hands, so pleased with the success of a sleeping baby and a cozy spot, that I couldn't possibly fall asleep.

Now, I say this like it happens a lot. Like I just sit around on beds until Grant comes home. ha ha ha HA. Not really. That's just not how life works, no matter how many kids you do or don't have. But every once in a great while, an opportunity pops up for a teeny retreat. Just a moment or two of quiet. To sigh, close my eyes, pray, be in a different room of my home. Do you ever retreat at your house? Let me encourage you to make your bed and go sit on it!


cecilia said...

ohh, i know this feeling. when i look around and everybody's sleeping and i don't have anything pressing to do except sit with a pen and notebook on a neatly made bed. dreamy!

(love that quilt!)

have a great weekend.

Marilyn said...

That's definitely something I miss now that I no longer have a guest bedroom. Glad to hear you're enjoying yours. :-)

Julia Wade said...

ahhhhh, i know exactly what you're saying. they are glorious moments. few and far between, but glorious. thanks for the reminder. xx

Megan Anderson said...

My retreat is bubble baths! I can usually read a whole chapter interrupted :)

Nessa Bixler said...

I love reading for a few stolen minutes on my made bed. It feels decadent. I bet it feels even better in a guest room!

Amanda said...

So happy to read that you find it thrilling to sit atop a freshly made bed! It's one of my little thrills and I thought I must be one of the only people to enjoy it. Sometimes I make my bed just so that I can sit on it and cover myself up with a quilt. It makes reading so much better :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I love a few minutes to "hideway"!

Summer, would you ever consider giving us a tour of your home? I love the spaces that you show for us!

luckmey said...
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Kirstin Anne said...

Yes! This might sound odd but I like to have the kitchen completely clean and then I sit at the table with all my cookbooks and dangle my feet from the extra tall chairs, kindergarten style, and look at the pretty pictures and read the recipes. I usually have a record on ( tv is off! ) and some tea, something about quiet, clean afternoons ... You captured the moment perfectly in your post!



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