September 21, 2012
Sun setting behind the swimming pool in our town. 
Today we're going to play outside in flip-flops, put something on the grill, and say goodbye to summertime, because tomorrow is the first day of fall.

Hello, Fall!
Hello September. Hello apples, honey, pumpkins and squash.
Hello jeans and scarves. (remember scarves?!) Hello crisp mornings and crunchy leaves.
 Hello tractors and harvest time, and mums on door steps.
 Hello double-crusted pies and cinnamon-scented kitchens.
Hello orchards. Hello quilts and naps. Hello snug, homey evenings.
Hello cider and chicken soup. Hello golden and scarlet maples.

No more tears about summertime past. 
I'm ready to enjoy the things that are cozy. All the tame domestic joys that come with autumn. 
Really, Fall, you are pretty irresistible.


kristin said...

I'm thinking of your (& Marta's) postcards!!

Eeny said...

i love fall. it is my favorite season.

Bridget said...

fall just inspires coziness doesn't it? and coziness equals happiness or something.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I have just discovered your blog and love it so much! I was wondering how you manage to stay home with your daughter while managing on a teacher's salary? Any advice is appreciated!

Kerri Lynne said...

Oh, I just love fall!! :) And I totally forgot about scarves. Can't wait.

Sharon said...

I'm loving very similar things about the beginning of fall.

summer said...

Hi Anonymous!! Could you email me? I'd love to chat but not sure how to reach you. :)



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