September 17, 2012
I feel like we are starting Week 3 of real life and things are pretty habit-y now. Have you gotten into a fall routine yet? We have. Daddy goes to work, clean, play, bake, dishes, nap, chores, play, gym, errands, dinner, dishes, and more playing. 
Baking!!! I'm so excited. I don't even care if it's 90 degrees by the afternoon, the oven has been in use, churning up the smells of fall. So far it has supplied a loaf of zucchini bread, some orange coconut cake, and banana nut bread.
Weekly playdates with our cousin are back for the school year! The babies are actually old enough to play together a bit now, while the mommies spend their time eating lunch and talking as hard as they can. 
 More pickle making. We are hooked. The first batch of pickles turned out so crunchy and delicious. The grape leaves worked like magic! Oh, and Hadley likes to gnaw on them on those sore teething days. Pickles for teething! Who knew?
You can still find us at the frisbee golf course a few times a week. It's the perfect way to get out and enjoy a nice evening. 
My collection of children's books is starting to come in handy. What was your favorite Little Golden Book? Hadley is starting to love books, too. Mostly she loves bringing them over to me to sit in my lap and turn a page or two, then she walks away to stack more books. But that's a start!
 We finally bought a grill! You know we love it. Grant is already a master. Here you can see grassfed burgers, an avocado up top, and onions, carrots, and okra on this Cuisinart grilling platter. I love that our kitchen is staying a lot less smoky these days. 
We brought up the Fisher-Price dollhouse from the basement! 
Do you spy the soldiers? They must be on leave.


Hannah said...

Hi Summer, what a lovely post of happenings around your home. I am into the third week of term and definitely starting to get back in the swing of my normal routine. I've started thinking about Autumn soup making with delicious squash, but am holding onto the last threads of Summer flavours. I've come across a number of lemon & blackberry flavoured sweet treats lately and I love the mix of summer citrus & Autumn berries - the best of both seasons!
And Frisbee golf? The first time I met the man who is now my husband, he invited me to play a game of frisbee golf - at the time I thought he'd just made it up as a fun thing to play - are there actual frisbee golf courses in America? (please excuse me if this is a totally ignorant question!!)
It's lovely to hear how Hadley is into books - such a wonderful love to cultivate from a young age : )

Chiara said...

Sounds like you're having a lovely September! Can you share the recipe for the orange coconut cake? Please?
Also I tried pickling green beans and they turned out so good. I used whey, salt, garlic and chile flakes (didn't really follow a recipe, I just slightly adapted the one you shared for pickled carrots, but the result was actually better than I expected)!

Rachel said...

I used to LOVE playing with that house when I was little, I can't believe you still have one! Although I'm sure my mother will pull it out of hiding once I have babies :)

hannah margaret said...

you are so clever! pickles. how yum

nataliep. said...

recipes for all those baked goods, please!! sounds delicious!

Renee said...

i'm with nan! recipes please!! are you using rice flour? all these fall goodies are sounding soooo good right now...and want a healthy version!

Christina said...

Huh. Pickles for teething. I'll have to try that one. I still have my Fisher Price house too, and all of my children have loved/love it!



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