October 10, 2012
You've probably noticed, I'm still doing a lot of my baking with coconut flour these days.
Why am I using coconut flour? For several months last year I was on the GAPS diet to heal my gut and needed to keep all of my baking grain-free, so I bought a stash of coconut flour. Even though I'm off of GAPS now and do have some grains, I still don't eat a ton of them and I'm not having gluten for a little while longer, to continue healing my gut. I choose coconut flour over other gluten-free options because I like the taste and texture, especially for muffins and quick breads. I feel like coconut flour keeps things really simple and digestible and most importantly- delicious

If you've never used coconut flour before, don't be afraid. It is more dense than wheat flour and requires a lot of eggs to accompany it, but it bakes really nicely and has a lovely naturally sweet flavor. I keep mine in the freezer or fridge in a ziploc bag and I always pour it through a fine strainer when adding it to my mixing bowl- to catch and sift any clumps.

I used frozen blueberries in these muffins, and neglected to coat them with flour or something smart like that, so they bled out quite a bit. But I kinda like it! 

Blueberry Lemon Muffins with Coconut Flour
dairy-free, grain-free

6 eggs, separated
3. T. melted coconut oil
3 T. coconut milk
2 tsp. vinegar
6 T. honey
1/4 tsp. almond extract
1/2 tsp. sea salt
1/2 cup sifted coconut flour
1 tsp. baking soda
1/3 cup blueberries
zest of one lemon

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Blend all ingredients, except for the egg whites and blueberries, in a blender or with a hand mixer until very smooth. (Don't skip the sifting step for the coconut flour, which likes to clump!) Whip egg whites until very fluffy and fold into the batter. Line a muffin pan with 12 paper liners and drop a few berries into each cup. Spoon batter evenly into the cups and top each with a few more berries. Bake for 12-15 minutes and enjoy warm. 


Shanna said...

This is probably such a dumb question, but what are some grains that don't have gluten? I typically think of coconut flour or almond flour but I know those aren't grains... maybe buckwheat but that's kind of a fruit, right? Amaranth?

PS love hearing that doing GAPS brought you so much help. I'm thinking more and more about that.

Shanna said...

Summer, You were so awesome to come over to my site to respond (bless you) that I figured I'd return the favor. : ) Thanks so much for the info! As soon as I you started naming gluten-free grains, I was like, ooooooh. Don't know why I never think of quinoa or corn as grain? But I get what you're saying now. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I tried making these this morning... And it was the first time I had ever used coconut flour. My muffins came out brown around the edges, brown on top, but wet and soggy on the bottom. Is that common with coconut flour or do you think I may have done something wrong?
The flavor was amazing though! I look forward to trying more of your grain-free recipes!



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