October 3, 2012
Hi guys! Things have been busy here lately- I'm getting ready to give a presentation on real food/healthy eating at a ladies event at our camp! (tomorrow night!) So whenever I've had a moment to sit at the computer I've been writing and organizing my thoughts over and over, and more recently practicing my speech-giving skills on Grant. Have you given a speech since speech class?! I know I haven't. Pray for me! I'm really excited, but I may be a little shaky and definitely will have some sweaty palms when the time comes.

Anyway, here's a quick supper I had the other night. Some breakfast potatoes and a "scrambled omelet." Simple. Feels fitting for a sunday night, right? I chopped a few potatoes, threw in some garlic and salt and roasted them for about 40 minutes at 425 degrees. When I took the potatoes out, I quickly sauteed some red onion and diced Anaheim pepper and then scrambled some eggs in. Yummm. What do you like to have for a simple Sunday supper?


Chiara said...

Good luck for your presentation! I am sure you will do great! Sending you my thoughts and prayers.

A Wife and her Carpenter said...

You will do wonderfully Summer--food is your passion, so I'm sure that will be evident to the people you are talking to. I will say a prayer for you today!

p.s. thank you for a new dinner idea...I needed one this week :)

Marilyn said...

Good luck! Later, when you have time, I'd be interested in hearing about your speech content on the blog.



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