November 6, 2012
I'm thankful for eggs. Of all kinds. 
Eggs sprinkled with parmesan cheese. Eggs that make it possible to bake banana bread. Eggs that get brought to me in bed, on a tray, on Mother's Day. Eggs with speckles and peachy shells. Eggs that make babies. Eggs that feed my baby. Eggs that get delivered to us each week by one of Grant's students. These are the eggs I take for granted, but today I'm realizing how grateful I am for them.

 During the past year, the Lord sustained me with eggs. When I was going through a hard, hungry, confusing time- I always had eggs. I relied on them to fill me with nourishment when other things were making me sick. They were my saving grace. I ate a ton of them when I was on GAPS. I would honestly eat half a dozen each morning. Praise the Lord for those eggs! 

I just wrote Grant an email this morning saying how thankful I am to have a source for local farm eggs. The family sends them to us week by week, they don't charge us an arm and a leg, and they are the yummiest, yellowest yolks. What a gift! I could write love notes to that farming family. I wish they knew how important they are to me. How much healing and nourishment I've been given. 

Hadley and I have share a plate of those good eggs every morning now, and I'm so thankful that we get to do this. God is good! And the giver of all good gifts! 

 What are you thankful for today?


Anonymous said...

i love eggs! i eat them everyday also! when did you start feeding Hadley eggs?

Josie said...

farm fresh food
i agree, once you have local eggs you will never buy from the grocery store again

so easy, my go to meal
scrambled with some spinach & parmesean cheese - delish

Tesa said...

We have added chickens to our little homestead...and I, too, am so thankful for fresh eggs! Not only do they taste delicious and are extra healthy for you...there is a special beauty about fresh eggs. When I bake, it makes me happy to look them all over and choose from a variety of pretty colors and sizes. :)



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