December 10, 2012

1. The stockings are hung! What does yours look like?
2. We got winter wonderlanded over the weekend!!! Please don't melt before Christmas.
3. All I want for Christmas is a baby running around my house in reindeer jammies.
4. Eggs = holiday baking!
5. Pandora is tuned to the Harry Connick Jr. holiday station. a good blend of Nat, Bing, Burl, Ella, and more. (names back then were really something!)
6. Wrapping session in our room after putting the little one in bed.
7. Post office trips and stacks of pretty white mailers. Thanks for buying my stuff, guys!
8. Making cornbread for a cozy snack.
9. I needed a little tree on top of our table. We've been eating our meals by tree light.
10. A girl in her perch, liking the tree.

I'm loving the stage our little family is at right now with Christmastime. We're figuring out which traditions to adopt from each of our childhoods and beginning our own brand new ones. Grant planned an awesome schedule for Christmas day for us (which I formally received in an email the other day- so fun!) and I am so excited. How fun to think that these will be the things Hadley will grow up with! Speaking of Hadley, I'm still keeping an eye out for a good stocking for her. How did you find stockings for each family member? Are yours handmade or inherited or bought?


Lori! said...

Land of Nod has some pretty cute stockings:

Christina said...

Oooooh...I happen to LOVE out stockings. (Which is good 'cause I made them). There's a somewhat mediocre photo of them at the bottom of this post: :) I'm loving Christmas prep this year even though I'm taking it slowly this year. I think I'm addicted to finding perfect stocking stuffers.

Christina said...

*our stockings* Kindle typing is iffy.

Mariel said...

So sweet! I have a stocking post going up today :) Will you share some of your favorite Christmas traditions? We're also building up our traditions repertoire!

tuttut said...

I'm not surprised that some of your shop items are shipping to Utah! We Utahns love your blog :)
One of my twins is wearing the same shirt Hadley is, except in purple. And she loves to perch, too!
I purchased our stocking (classic red velvet) and our names are embroidered on them. They are gorgeous hanging from our mantle.

Britney Mann said...

I bought lots of vintage chenille fabric in pretty dots and chevron patterns and my mom made my son's first stocking along with coordinating ones for my husband and I. I've had the same stocking (that I now use at my parents' house) since my very first Christmas, so I'm excited that my son will get an heirloom stocking, too.

Grace said...

So cute! As for stockings, my husband's and my first Christmas married we made each other stockings out of felt and hand sewing. I made a light and dark green one that looks like an elf boot for him, and he made me a red and white one with trees on it. Whenever we have children, I'd like to continue making them. It was surprisingly easy for 2 people who have no sewing experience.

Eeny said...
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Eeny said...

I think I need a little Christmas tree for my table as well.

Last year I made new stockings for my parents, my sister and me for St. Nicholas day. I blogged about them here:

Hadley is so adorable. Love her Christmas PJs.

Amanda said...

Love the paper garlands! I made some for my class last week :)

Everyone in my family has a stocking knit by my aunt. They're all the same, except for our names which are sewn at the tops of the stockings. I think they might be one of my favourite parts of Christmas! I've had mine since I was a baby.



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