February 19, 2013
coral colored daisy from my Valentine 

Happy Tues, everybody! Sorry I've been away so long. We had planned on taking a little trip over the President's Day break, and I had planned to post the next part of our love story for Valentine's Day, but the Lord had other plans for us. We've been busy experiencing His greatness over these past 5 days. I can't even tell you!! Last week I was memorizing Promise No. 5: "He gives power to the faint and to those that have no might He increases strength." and a few days ago I saw Him prove this to us in a very real way. Without getting into the details, Thursday night on our way up to bed we looked at our kitchen window, where this verse card was propped, and we were able to say- that happened today. It is so good to be alive to the fact that God is faithful. He answers prayer. He keeps His word. He loves us. He delivers us. He is powerful! Praise the Lord!

How have you seen God be faithful to His word since we started memorizing these promises?

Just a reminder for you, we are doing Promise No. 6 this week. So if you've got your cards, pull out #6 and tape it somewhere you'll see it! I've got mine on my bathroom mirror. I'll post a picture later (@summerharms on Instagram). I bought some pretty washi tape from Heather's cute shop, The Paperie, and it has been the greatest! I've got cards taped all over my house now. :) And I LOVE that you guys have been telling me how you've been using your 50 Promises cards! I've heard about some of you putting them up in frames, making collages, teaming up with friends and sisters to memorize together, giving them away as gifts, and of course, covering the front of the fridge. Thank you all so. so. much. You don't know how fun it is for me to think about a whole league of friends looking at the same words that I am.

If you've gotten your 50 Promises cards and have them in your hand, your house, your bag, your car, etc. tag your Instagram photos with #50Promises! There's a new one each week, so you've got lots of opportunities to take pictures! I really want to see! 


sarah {on the brightside...} said...

I am not doing the "promises" with you, but I am memorizing a new verse every 2 weeks for this year! God always proves Himself through memorizing His Word! It's so amazing!

I think I will need to get some pretty washi tape, so that I can tape my scriptures up too! :)



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