May 24, 2013

Whew! What a week. It felt like it crept by soooo slowly, full of things that can't fit into a blog post, but somehow it's Friday already. This should be the last day of school for Grant, but it's not now- because of all those surprise snow days we got in April!

Well, my house feels... weird. There are clothes everywhere and a stroller on the table and still lots of food in our fridge and dirty dishes in the sink. Every year, when it's time to move out to camp for the summer, it's tough to know how to make a clean transition. I should have it down to a science, since this is our 6th year to do it, but I don't. What should we bring? Yes, pack some of our food, but not too much. No need to bring toilet paper, but remember to grab the laundry detergent and my favorite lamp. And the computer, bedding, and alarm clock. When do we stop life here and get out there? We still need to eat meals, but we need to be wrapping things up... but every year it gets figured out and all happens somehow! One year I even did it a mere 8 days after giving birth. That was... good, but I never want to do it again. :) Switching to camp life really is such a fun adventure. And working at Camp Shetek every summer of our married life has been such a blessing to us. Oh, and have I mentioned that I still haven't packed a thing! Ha! Today will be spent finishing up laundry, cleaning toilets, and deciding which clothes to bring out for the summer. Tomorrow morning: we move. Goodbye, house! I still can't believe it's really time. This year we get to have Grant's brother and his family come stay at our house while we're gone, so the house won't get as lonely and dusty. Yay!

Well, I better sign off and go tackle my messy bedroom. There are piles of clothes everywhere. I've just sort of stopped putting things away... since I knew they'd be packed soon :) Last post until we get to camp! See you out there!


Hannah Hicks said...
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Hannah said...

Yay, camp time! I miss it. I hope you all have such a wonderful summer. I may have to send some mail call fun.:)

Rachel Lundy said...

I hope you have a great summer at camp!

Christina said...

Everything will come together. :)

Stephanie said...

Exciting!! I'll miss your more regular blogging...have an amazing time :)

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