May 16, 2013

Who would believe only 2 weeks ago our yard had 6 inches of snow? And now the grass has already been mowed- twice.

We are still loving the newness of being able to go outside. I forget that it's an option and then Hadley will run over to the front door and I suddenly remember, "Oooh, it's not winter anymore! Let's go!" This morning we were out the door by 8:30 am. Hadley can't get enough of the outside world. She loves to help me water the flowers, blow bubbles, collect rocks, sit on daddy's shoulders while he mows, or cautiously watch the pigeons that hang out at the end of our driveway. I'm just spending every moment while we're out there being thankful for the sun and trying to store up enough vitamin D to last me through another 7 month winter next year. :)

What do you guys like to do outside? Any ideas for 2-year-olds are especially welcome! Hadley's other current favorite things: olives, her new booster seat, wearing shoes all the time, raw goat's milk (she begs for it), and drawing on her mini Magna-doodle.

P.S. Extremely grateful that my allergies seem to be getting better every year. Thank you, Lord! This time of year used to be rough for me, but ever since I stopped taking medications and started eating real, whole food (and way less sugar), they have radically improved!


Miranda said...

We started using sidewalk chalk when my daughter was Hadley's age. Hours of entertainment! We also liked "painting" with water or just bringing a load of books and a blanket out in the grass.

Christina said...

Sidewalk chalk! And a sandbox with buckets, shovels, and construction trucks (yes, even for girls). These keep my little ones busy for hours.

Katherine said...

Aidan has a garden set and one of those big balls that they sell in bins at Target. Charlotte Mason recommends picnicking whenever the weather is nice too and I agree!

Nichole said...

A magnifying glass to inspect flowers and bugs up close entertained my kids for years. Sidewalk chalk, sandbox with lid, picnics, park, walks around the neighborhood.

ChelseaF said...

Drake's favorite outside things: raking, picking up sticks (our huge trees "shed" like crazy), putting all the weeds I pull into the trash or compost, pushing his wagon around, picking flowers, blowing dandelions, sweeping, bubbles, chalk, playing with the golf set (the clubs are his fav), kicking a ball, throwing things, digging, going for walks/runs, anything with water or dirt. I think you get the idea ;) My boy is an outdoors person for sure!



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