October 28, 2013

row 1 -- Picked out a grocery store treat... this kettle corn is insane!! / Quick pizzas for lunch (my lazy/handy option for gluten-free pizza crust? Brown rice tortillas. They're sturdy enough and get crispy on the edges. 

row 2 -- Started the 3rd trimester a couple weeks ago! Now I'm beginning my 30th week. Comfy clothes from here on out! / Enjoying some cinnamon vanilla herbal tea and a chocolate gift from Mom during nap time. It's a Trader Joe's dark chocolate lover's bar. Moms are the best. Food gifts are my love language. 

row 3 -- Hadley has been really into the old Disney classic Peter Pan lately, which I absolutely love. She goes around the house trying to sing "You Can Fly!" all the time. She and Daddy were watching it on the couch together while we waited for our chicken dinner to finish cooking. / She has also been wanting her hat and sunglasses whenever we're getting ready to go in the car. 

row 4 --  Our walnut tree decided to lose ALL its leaves in one morning. It was amazing. I watched it happen while I did the dishes. / An under the kitchen table fort we built the other day. 

row 5 -- Ombre pumpkins that Hadley and I worked on together. We leave the paints out on one end of the kitchen table 24/7 now. They get used all the time! We're loving it. / I've decided to wallpaper my kitchen with watercolor. 

Another big thing that's happened recently... Last Thursday night I went to a ladies event at camp, where my sister-in-law Heidi was invited to speak to all of us about discipline. More specifically, about finding joy in motherhood and how God has been using discipline to change her heart. It was incredible. I was so convicted, challenged, and encouraged. Here was one of my favorite parts:

I have good news and I have bad news for you. The good news…you are not alone! Don’t believe everything you see on Pinterest and Facebook.  Not all mothering moments are instagram worthy!
The bad news… kids copy what they see modeled for them, so it’s probably your own fault. At least that’s what the Lord showed me. If you have struggled with finding joy in motherhood and parenting, weary with knowing how to discipline, listen to my journey and see if it can be an encouragement to you. 

I invite you to hop over to her blog, if you'd like to read her transcript from that night. I'm so glad she posted it! I can't stop thinking about her sincere words and how much I can already relate, even with only 1 little one in the house with me. Heidi has created a super helpful tool to implement discipline in her house-- a way for the Bible to guide our disciplining-- with this simple and pretty discipline chart. I've already got mine hanging on the side of my fridge and have been putting it to use. This chart is a cheat sheet of sorts for us (and the kids) to run to whenever we're facing a discipline situation and we need to see how God tells us to act. Isn't it so great that God's Word is not silent on issues like whining, arguing, bad manners, laziness, disobeying, and complaining?! It gives us clear instructions on how to behave and how we should help our kids behave. I'm so grateful to have all of the relevant bible verses right in front of me, right when I need them. It's already helping me to be more conscious of the daily, momentary mothering that I'm doing with Hadley. It helps me calm down, pray right away, and respond patiently during moments when I tend to always get frustrated. If you think a discipline chart would be a blessing in your home, you can grab one from Heidi's etsy shop. It's so nice when someone else has already done the work of making it neat and nice and getting it printed up!

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Amanda said...

One of my favourite memories from when I was a kiddo is building forts under the kitchen table! You're making great memories for Hadley, for sure!



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